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1976-08-28 Scout Award Ceremony
Five Bulawayo Scout Leaders received awards for services to scoutingin Rhodesia at a presentation ceremony at the Scout Provicial Headquarters last night. Seen here with Rhodesia's Chief Scout, Mr Stan O'Donnell who presented the awards, are from Left:-
Miss Wyn Beverley of the 15th Bulawayo Cub Pack, Mrs Freda Fulton of the 19th Cub Pack, Mr Eric Fulton of the 19th Bulawayo Scout company, Mr O'Donnell, Mr Hudson Felgate of the 11th Bulawayo Scout company, and Mr David Fyfe, a former Provincial Scout Commissioner for Matabeleland.
Mr Fyfe received the Silver Acorn for meritorious service, Scoutings second highest award, and the others were awarded the Medal of Merit.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper