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1973-08-25 Pedalling pair gets plaques
Ian (15) and Graham Gardner (13), of Bulawayo, proudly hold the City of Salisbury plaques given to them by the Mayor Dr Jock Alves, yesterday. They have cycled 400kms to raise more than $200 for the Terrorist Victims Relief Fund. Their journey was sponsored by companies in Gwelo and Bulawayo.
It was their first long cycle trip - but apart from feeling "a bit stiff in the legs" they were none the worse for it. Both are Scouts and they put their training to good use on the three nights they camped in the bush on the way to Salisbury.
This weekend they are relaxing in Salisbury with relatives. Next week they will collect a message from the Mayor of Salisbury for the Mayor of Bulawayo and return home - by car.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper