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1957-08-01 Southern Rhodesian Scout Jamboree Contingent
City Scouts for Jamboree. Six Bulawayo Scouts going to World Jamboree.
Four of the six Bulawayo Scouts who will attend the world jamboree in England in August. From left to right are Anthony Ibbotson (16), Micheal Davies (14), Bruce Scott (14) and Paul Hatty (15).
Six Boy Scouts from Bulawayo will be in the contingent of over 40 Scouts representing Southern Rhodesia at the World Jubilee Jamboree in Britain in August.
They are Anthony Ibbotson of the 1st Bulawayo Pioneer Group. Paul Hatty and Bruce Scott, 14th Bulawayo Group, Micheal Davies and Edgar Sullivan, 2nd Bulawayo Group, and Henry Davis of the 12th Bulawayo Group.
Two of them, Ibbotson and Davies will be in England when the rest of the contingent from Central Africa arrives there by air at the end of July. They will have a brief holiday abroad before joining the contingent in London on its way to the jamboree camp in Sutton Coalfield, near Birmingham.
After the 12 day jamboree, which begins on August 1, the Southern Rhodesian Scout Contingent will tour England and Scotland, then spend about a week in London. It will return by air early in September.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper