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1957-07-12 Southern Rhodesian Scouting News
Scout to conduct road survey.
An unusual task of national importance will be undertaken by Southern Rhodesian Boy Scouts this month: a Colony wide traffic counton secondary roads. About 40 patrols of scouts will camp for one week at strategic points all over Southern Rhodesia, and will be on duty in relays, 24 hours a day, to count and classify all vehicle traffic passing their check points.
A few days only after this job ends, Bob-a-Job Weeks will begin. It will be inaugurated on Saturday, August 31, with the traditional procession of floats. This will be shared by Girl Guides who, this year will run their Bob-a-Job week concurrently. Scouters will contribute to Bob-a-Job Week by again manning ticket booths and gates at the Agricultural Show.
In view of these heavy committments, andthe Polio epidemic, the Matabeleland Scout Council regret that the Gang Show, which was deffered from May to September, is again postponed until May 1958.
July was a busy month for Scouts in Bulawayo, when the Queen Mother was here, Scouts were on duty at the fireworks display and at the civic garden party, where also representitive contingent was inspected by Her Majesty. At Rhodes and Founders weekend, large numbers of Scouts camped at Gordon Park, where on the Saturday, about 150 WolfCubs gathered for a Cub Day, having come from as far Shabani.
The 14th (North End) Group staged a successful Models and Hobbies Exhibition in aid of Jamboree Funds in their hall.
Members of the Bulawayo Contingent attending the Jubilee Jamboree at Sutton Coalfield, England, left from Bulawayo station on Thursday July 25. They took with them the magnificent sable head, and photographic reproductions of Rhodesian sketches drawn by Lord Baden-Powell which will be featured on the gateway to the Southern Rhodesian sub-camp at the Jamboree and will thereafter be presented to the new BP House in London. Scouters, parents and friends gave the boys an enthusiastic farewell.
The Assocciation has received a grant of 500 for the much needed water supply system at Gordon Park in the 200 acre area of the "Bowl". It is hoped to complete the installation be-

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper