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1957-05-30 Scouts Guild to Re-form
Efforts were made to reform the Bulawayo B-P Guild of Old Scouts at a reunion of old Scouts in Bulawayo last night.The reunion was partof the Bulawayo Scout week to celebrate the 50th annaversaryof the foundation of the scout movement and the 100th annaversary of the birth of Baden-Powell.
The idea was put forward by the Provincial Scout Commissioner for Matabeleland, Mr G. E. Stephens. A Guild was formed in 1948 but only lasted a few months. The President of the Matabeleland Scout Council, Mr Justice Beadle, spoke on the highlights of the career of Baden-Powell and said he was probably the "greatest European Scout of all time". In Bulawayo he said there were 21 Scout Groups and about 900 scouts. He presented the Thanks Badge to the chairman of the Bulawayo South Boy Scouts Local Association, Mr A. Page.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper