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Our Hostel


The SMKSA Hostel was first used in October 1956. The
population then was 57 students. As the number of hostelites
increased, several new buildings more added. Now, the number
of hostilities stands at 266.
From 1999 onwards, SMKSA Hostel was awarded the “5 stars”
status. It was judged the best hostel in Kedah and was
presented with the ''Anugerah Seri Gemilang''.This award is
presented to the most outstanding hostel. In year 2000, besides
the “5 star” status awarded, the hostel won the ''Anugerah Seri
Cemerlang'' and is used as a benchmark for awarding 5 star
status to other hostels.
Our Library

The MC Wadell library was established in 1942 and named

after the first Principal of SMKSA which is MC Wadell. The
MC Wadell Library was renovated and offically opened
by the Prime Minister Dr.Mahathir Mohamad on
20 July 1999. The renovation
was sponsored by Citibank Bhd., represented by their
Chief Executive Officer of Citibank, Mr.Robert Matthews.
The aim of the library is to provide adequate facilities to
fulfill the needs of the teachers and students in adopting a
knowledge seeking culture
Two programmes that received good response were the
‘Tree of Knowledge Programme’ and ‘The Buttons


Our Smartlab

The Smartlab was declared open by the Prime
Minister Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, on 20 July
1999 at the Dataran Perdana SMKSA. This project is
part of the long-term commitment of Citibank Bhd. to
the local community through its ‘Banking In
Education’ programme. The SMKSA Smartlab Project
is named ‘The Cyberspace Education Programme’
All together Smartlab has 41 computers which are
Compaq brand and has networking facilities allowing
access to the internet
The emergence of the Smartlab allows the students
and teachers of SMKSA to equip themselves to face
the age of multimedia and technology