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  • nGamelan music, which originated from Indonesia, was brought to Malaysia by the Javanese immigrants in the 14th century. There are two types of gamelan music in Malaysia :
        i) “Gamelan Johor” (Javanese Gamelan)
        ii) “Gamelan Terengganu”  (Malay Gamelan) 
    nThe musical instruments are made of “perunggu” or iron and wood. In the Javanese language, Gamelan means “to beat” or “hit”. Gamelan musical instruments are classified as idiophonic instruments which are beaten or hit.
    nJohor Gamelan music or Javanese Gamelan is played by the Javanese descendants who came to Malaya as an accompaniment to wayang kulit, dances or instrumental music in ceremonies such as weddings and circumcision. The Terengganu Gamelan,known as the Malay Gamelan is performed in functions to honour the local and foreign dignitaries as well as tourists.

    Different Methods of Playing The Gamelan

    nBeating  (instruments such as bonang, saron barung, saron peking, saron demung, gambang, kenong and gong)
    nHitting (instrument used is the ‘gendang’)
    nType of Scale Used – pentathonic scale


    SMKSA Gamelan Team

    This team has been involved in many events such as:
    • nSpeech Day ( 2000-2005 )
    • nThe Kedah Royal Concert (in conjunction with the Head of State, DYMM Sultan of Kedah’s birthday)
    • n
    • Future plans for the Gamelan team: Teacher’s Day Concert for the state of Kedah, 2000 till 2005.
    • nPlaying Gamelan alongside modern instruments in an orchestra.
    • nIncreasing the repertoire of songs
    • nParticipating in competitions
    • nStudents composing songs.                         
    Gamelan Activities
    •  welcome the arrival of the DYMM Sultan of Kedah on school occasions such as the School’s Speech Day
    • nto play gamelan alongside caklempong (another piece of traditional musical instrument) in concerts and special occasions
    • nparticipated in the Malaysian Gamelan Festival in the state of Pahang in 2002.
    • nparticipated in the students’ Talent Concert on Teachers’ Day year 2005.

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                                                                                                                                             Caklempong   main music