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nA traditional instrument played by the Minangkabau people.
nOriginated from Sumatera which then spread to Malaysia in the 14 th century.
nPlayed at royal functions, formal events and weddings.
nAs an accompaniment to traditional martial arts such as ‘Pencak Silat’, dances and as a form of entertainment.


There are 3 types of caklempong:
The main set of gong in the caklempong ensemble
consists of 15 gongs which are arranged in 2 lines
(7 gongs in the first row and 8 gongs in the second row).
This main caklempong plays the main melody of the song.
Tingkah and Sauwa
These 2 instruments are another gong-chime of the
ensemble. Both have 8 gongs in a line.
It is of 2 sizes. It is played by 2 players to create a rhythmic
pattern. All these instruments are hit by using a pair of sticks
or hand.


Contemporary Caklempong
nIt is accompanied by modern instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, drums and bass.
nSMK Sultanah Asma’s Caklempong team consists of :
- 4 gereteh players
- 2 tingkah players
- 2 sauwa players
- 2 gendang players
- 1 gong player
- 3 keyboardist
- 1 bassist.


This team has been involved in many events such as:
nTeacher’s Day Concert for the state of Kedah, 2000 till 2005.
nSpeech Day ( 2000-2005 )
nThe Kedah Royal Concert (in conjunction with the Head of State, DYMM Sultan of Kedah’s birthday)
Future plans for the Gamelan team:
nPlaying Gamelan alongside modern instruments in an orchestra.
nIncreasing the repertoire of songs
nParticipating in competitions
nStudents composing songs.                         





                                                                                                                                             Gamelan main music