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Encore at the Miners is a not for profit community theatre organization located in downtown Collinsville, Illinois. 


Producing theatre classics for welcoming audiences, Encore’s goal is to bring professional-quality live theatre to the area. Musicals, drama and comedy share the stage. We currently perform 2-3 adult shows a season and  an all age show during the summer.


  The troupe is also dedicated to help with the restoration and revitalization of the Historic Miners Institute. A part of our proceeds from every show, are donated back to the building. Our troupe also donates time for building projects and assists with all aspects of operation.



**************** Just announced****************

With the close of our summer workshop, Peter Pan or the boy who would not grow up, there has been a great demand for a year round youth theatre group. We are please to announce the formation of Acting Up at the Miners!





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