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Midwest Championship Wrestling is proud to bring you NEWS AND RUMORS.

Tara Rysing has been seen recieving some very elaborate flower arrangements and expensive gifts. Could it be someone is secretly courting the self-proclaimed "Queen of Extreme" or is she merely sending herself the gifts to make her seem more wanted?

A little bird whispered to me that a fresh crew of the XAW alum might be joining our MCW ranks. But is it true? If so, who? Just how could they play a part in the stable war?

Now available on-line. Cum Guzzling Anal Whores 20. Starring Heather Storm! Yes, you heard right. As it turns out Miss Storm hasn't been very truthful about her past. After very vigorous and extensive research it's been concluded this really is Heather Storm and not just a cheap look a like. You need to see this movie. It's a keeper.

Moving along, seems that Scotty Edwards didn't leave the MCW for better things. No, he left to take care of a secret love child to a mystery woman. So lets see, he lies to Callisto and breaks the Goddess's heart to be with another woman. Well hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and I'm willing to bet good money that Callisto is none to happy. So Scotty, run fast and watch your back

One couple of our fed is craving a baby. But after a trip to the doctor it seems impossible. Where does this leave their dreams?..........In the trash. But perhaps there could be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Stay tuned.

Remember Kris Storm? Neither does anyone else. The dude was around for like a week and then he disappeared. Turns out he's with the secret service. He got called way on a special mission in Aruba. Lucky.

Ever like to hear the crashing of the waves? Feel the sand beneath your feet? Taste the salt in the air? Callisto does. Coming from Delos where there's nothing but beach for miles she has picked up a new hobby. Surfing. From what I hear she's pretty good with about a dozen trophies to her name already.

The Firepit is cutting prices on privacy rooms in half! For one weekend only, on December 24th and 25th (Chrismas Eve and Day) you can save on all your erotic fantasy rooms as a special Christmas treat.

Rumor has it that someone saw handicapped MCW HOFer James Jones walking. This rumor could not be verfied, all looks into his medical records suggest that he cannot walk and it was likely an impersonator.

All for now. Check back again for more News and Rumors!