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Distribution of Materials

All students will be shown on the first day where to find each material. When a new project is assigned there will be groups or tables which will get their materials one at a time so that everyone is not rushing at once. After a project has been assigned, students should be able to get their materials as they come into class and get started on thier own.
Students should always feel free to ask where something is.
X-Acto knives and box cutters will be kept with me and if we are using them for a project students must give me something for collateral to ensure I get them back before class is over.

Cleaning Up

At 5 minutes till each class is about to end I will announce for everyone to clean up their materials. Students are expected to have materials clean and back in proper place. If any paint or clay has been used students are also expected to wipe down the table.
If I notice a student still working I will come over to them and check to see what it is they are working on and encourage to be exicted about their work but let them know their time is up for now.
If I find myself still having to clean up after students I will extend the time to 10 minutes before class ends.

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