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My Philosophy

Students learn best by experimenting and problem solving on their own. Inspiration from others is encouraged but direct copying of others artwork is discouraged. Each student has their own style and strengths and I am always willing to discuss these and help.

I do not enjoy tests, nor having to place a grade on a students work. I will monitor student's progress and self improvement. I do not believe in comparing students artwork to anothers. Each students work should be thier own improvements.

About Me

I graduated from LSU in the Spring of 2007 with an Education Degree with specialty in Art. I have grown up in several different states and always have an open mind.

My favorite medium in art is ceramics. It has been a favorite of mine since I was in high school. I plan on incorpoarting as many projects as the budget allows that are three-dimensional.

Here are some select shots from my portfolio: