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Dear Ms. McFatter,

First of all, I wanted to apologize for not having the money to purchase a domain right now. I realize the pop-ups and ads are a nuisance and when I actually have my own classroom site, this will not be the case. I enjoyed being able to create a website for this assignment as it is something I have always enjoyed.

I have enjoyed coming to your class this semester. I love your style of teaching; you can always hold my attention. Going over the parts of a lesson plan was very helpful. It seems every teacher says something different about them so it was a good idea that we covered them in this class. It was very helpful to have anologies to most topics discuessed. This helps to store things in long-term memory (and also make me hungry!).

I feel I recieved a lot from this class. Mainly because the things we discussed were things I had not thought about before. For some reason, I had never considered rules, consequences and how to monitor them. Perhaps because of my content and not such a quiet atmosphere in my content was my reason for forgetting. Either way, I have worked it out and came up with my solution.

Creating this page got me excited for creating lesson plans, schedules, checklists, rubrics, and more. As a student who uses the computer a lot, thanks for getting me even more excited!


Jessica Edwards