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  Welcome to The Wonderful World of .. Me (and the family)


I just recently turned 27 years old. I was born and raised in North Dakota. Its a small town but its big enough if you know what I mean. I am very family orienated. My family is my rock. My mom is my best friend, she is everything I want to be as a Mom. I love you mom!! My father passed away Aug. 19,2002 of a massive heartattack at the age of 48. It was a shock even though we knew has been sick for years. My father was the most kindest man you would ever met (unless u made him mad and trust me I had my share of making him mad) I would give anything to have him back in my life so he could know his grandkids and they could know their grandpa. I have one Brother, Spencer. He is 29 living here in the same town as me. I have one sister, Sadie. She is 27. She lives 60 miles from me with my neice, Morgan. I am a very laid back person that is willing to help almost anyone when they need it and as long as I can provide it. My children and Husband are my world!!!!
Hobbies:  Drawing when I get time
Fav. Color: Purple
Fav. Music: Country
Steve is 32 years old and the love of my life! He has 2 daughters from a previous relationship that have lived with us for 7 1/2 years now. His parents live here in town as well. He has 2 sisters, Alicia who is 25 and Briane who is 17. He would rather stay at home then do much of anything else. We are opposite in ways its so funny! Love you Baby!
The Coming together:
Steve and I met in Jan. 2000 there a mutual friend at the time. I actually picked him up so he could go find his ex-girlfriend. So this friend and I went and got him. He was sitting between us in my car and we found his ex. So I was driving after that and he didnt like my driving so I took him home (lol) Started to talk when we saw each other and what not. Just kinda formed a accquatence between us too. March 10th my cuz and I were going to a friends house to watch movies and I invited Steve along. March 12th he asked me to be his g/f ( awww so sweet). August of 00 I finally met his girls, Kirsten and Tiarra. Aug. 3rd he asked my father if he could marry me. So we went to the park and he proposed and obviously I said yes. I was 19 , engaged and soon to be a step-mom it all seems great! There was issues with his kids and their mother and social services so I got involved and Dec. 22, 2000 They called him up and told him to come get his girls. They have been living with us ever since.
The Kids:Click on the names to get to their page
Kirsten just turned 13 July 4th. Shes a firecracker alright lmao. She will be a 7th grader this year. She will also be in volleyball and basketball. Shes def. a young lady * most the time *
Tiarra just turend 12 on Aug. 13. Shes a very socialable kid lately! Shes in 6th grade this year. She is so much a girly girl *like her auntie sadie*
Haleigh just turned 6 in April. She is going to be in 1st grade this year. :( My baby is growing up way to fast! She thinks shes a rockstar and will be one when she gets older!
~Michaela~ *still in the making*
Michaela is almost 2 months. She is so sweet and innocent!! She amazes me everyday with her growing up and sounds and everything else she does
~Our Angel Baby~   ~In Memory~
~My Father~
~Photos~ (lots)
Not a whole lot but this is me and my familys page to get to know us alittle better!
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