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How Does This Passive $24 System Build A $10,000/Month Income for Every Member?


Read how a one-time $173 spend puts the entire system into Auto-Pilot and builds you a $10,000/month income.

This Ingenious System makes a near zero-effort residual income a reality!

Three companies have come together to create an ingenious solution that allows you to spend $24 + $5 (processing fee), and get started on a monthly income that will build to over $10,000 per month. Hereís how they do it:

Liberty Health Net is a network marketing company that has a 4x5 matrix that, when filled, pays over $10,000 per month.  Another company has joined forces, and has built a feeder program that allows everyone that enters Liberty Health to come in FREE, so there is never a reason to quit.  They do this by running a program that costs $24 per month, which becomes FREE when you bring 3 people into their program. When you get your 3, they buy you a position in Liberty Health Net. Your 3 referrals do the same thing, and follow you into Liberty Health, and this continues on until your 4x5 matrix is filled. Usually, it takes about 6 months.

Another individual has taken this a step further, and is providing a zero recruiting option:  For $144, David Palmer and his telemarketing team will recruit your three members, and place them into the system in your name. This means you can make a one-time spend of $173 and build into a $10,000 per month income stream, in about 6 months. David has a guarantee, too - if he doesnít get you 3 members in 30 days, he pays your $24 monthly fee until he does!

Of course, you donít need to spend the $144 - you can join for just $29, and bring in the 3 members yourself.  You can even bring in passive network marketers, and tell them about the $144 option, so they can be fully qualified without having to recruit.

To read all the details about this wonderful system, visit this website:

When you are ready to sign-up, click this link and spend the $29.
I will e-mail you the complete details on the $144 zero-recruiting option, so you can be completely free in your very first month (you can pay with INTGold, Paypal, or a credit card).

When you are ready, click here to join: $24 And Itís FR-E-E


To Summarize:

1. Review the site carefully -

 3. Here is the link to get your position in the $24 Dollar Plan.

  Click to Register Now:



 Be SMART - Act NOW!!

Please contact me if you have any questions:


Income potential of over $10,000 per month. (for each position)

Program  becomes FREE after you fill your first level with 3 people.

We buy a product for you monthly after you  fill your first level with 3 people.
(Spend an additional $144 and have your 3 members assigned to you!)

We buy a second product monthly after your second level fills with 9 people.

NO more charges required for this program or website for as long as you  are qualified.

Help with online and offline advertising. Your prospects  can talk to us on the toll-free hotline
and get  answers.

Your LHN downline is free from  dropouts!

Recruit  from anywhere in the world.

Start at only $24.00 per month. No other required charges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens if I buy the 3 paid members, and they quit? Do I need to buy/acquire more members?

Answer:  You need 3 members below in to remain a free member.  There are 3 ways to get members in your downline: You personally recruit (or buy) members, your upline enrolls members and they spill over underneath you, or your downline members bring in new members.

In total, you need 3 members below you, so if one person quit and you still had 3 below you, youíd still be free.

Everyone comes into knowing they need to get 3. They can pay to have the 3 placed below them, or they can bring the 3 in themselves. Since everyone knows this, they work to get the 3 (either by advertising, sharing the opportunity, or by paying for members to be placed below them).

In short, you should not have to resume payments in, because the downline below you is constantly growing, and you should eventually have thousands below you, more than enough to keep everything FREE!

Question:  How do I pay for 3 members to be placed as my personal enrollees below me?

Answer:  You will receive the instructions via e-mail within 24 hours of joining. Payment can be made through INTGold, PayPal, or a credit card. Itís $144 for this option, and it takes up to 30 days for these members to be placed below you.  This option makes the entire system free for you, with the recruiting done by David Palmer and his telemarketing team.

Question: What else must I do after I get my 3 members below me?

Answer:  Watch it grow! FR-E-E.COM will enroll you into Liberty Health Net, and select a product for you, and have your downline enrolled below you. They even upgrade you to Gold ($55 level in LHN) when your 3 get their 3 below them (a total of 12 members below you).  Liberty will then send your monthly checks to your address on file, and youíll be paid without much additional effort.

If you are ambitious, and want to get the car bonus ($16,000+ per month), youíll need to work with everyone in your downline to upgrade to the $100 level. If you do this (and itís in everyoneís best interest, since it is all free to everyone in your downline), you and your downline will be on their way to the car bonus, and a monthly income in excess of $16,000.

mercede_c The car bonus is cash - you can use it for a car, or for anything else you like!

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