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A1 Tournament
Thursday, 24 February 2005
The best of mike
My Video

Posted by stars5/zambidis at 10:43 PM EADT
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Friday, 3 December 2004
A1 Final vs Ozkan
The night finished up like a written script. This was it, the final of A1 tournament and the ultimate grudge rematch of Mike Zambidis and Gurkan Ozkan.

Both fighters had been tipped as tournament favorites and both had progressed through their previous fights, with little to no worries at all.

As both fighters entered the ring it was the Gurkan Ozkan of old taunting Zambidis before he entered.

This was set for a rematch to remember, could Gurkan payback Mike for what he did exactly 12 months prior?

Round 1

Both fighters looked hesitant as they did in their first encounter. And typical of Mike Zambidis he was hard at work early and stepped up the pace.

The first round was marred by an incident that involved Mike accidently giving Gurkan a low blow, which the referee didnt hesitate to deduct one point from the score card of Zambidis.

The first round was Zambidis but would have finished 9-9

Round 2

Like Zambidis' previous fights round 2 was the time that Mike showed his class above all other competitiors on the night.

In round 2 he produced some stunning combinations and at one stage seemed to have Gurkan worried. Gurkan look uncharacteristically hesitant.

Definetly a Zambidis round.

Round 3

All the hard work was done and Mike had the fight in the bag, it was no longer a question of if but when.

Mike hammered the lead leg of Gurkan and caught him solidly with some nice hand work.

Gurkan was obviously not looking to end the fight in the same fashion as 12 months earlier which resulted in him slowing down the fight and getting 1 point deducted for holding.

***Result: Winner and the 1st A1 Champion Mike Zambidis

He left thanking the greek crowd that came and supported him.

He will be back in Febuary of next year.

Posted by stars5/zambidis at 10:30 PM EADT
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Fight 2 vs Hamid Boujaoub

Both fighters entered their second bought of the night pretty fresh. Zambidis only competing in 4 minute mathc up and Hamid in a match that lasted 40 seconds.

Round 1

Hamid started the more stronger of the two although as the round progressed Zambidis started to settle and work into his opponent more.

Pretty much an even par round, considering both fighters exchanged blows and started to work eachother out.

Round 2

This round started similarly to the first although when both fighters stood toe to toe it was yet again Zambidis who was able to exchange the more wealthier blows.

A hard hitting left hook to the ribs sent Hamid to the canvas, the shot was felt by all in the crowd but amazingly the Morrocan to his credit got up and was able to see out the bell. A zambidis round.

Final Round

The pro-Zambidis crowd had flocked to their thousands to see Mike work through all his opponents. Although this last round proved to be a round that slowed down as the minutes ticked away and Hamid was able to keep his feet and ribs in tact to see out the final bell.

It was a Zambidis round and although wounded Hamid produced some fine work when exchanging shots with mike.

**Result unanimous decision the way of Mike Zambidis

Posted by stars5/zambidis at 8:35 PM EADT
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Mike Zambidis vs Pete Spratt

Fight 1 vs Pete Spratt (USA)

Mike had his chance to prove his worth to the crowd and to his fellow competitors for the first time in the night.

As for Pete Spratt he came from a UFC background, relatively a new kid on the block in kickboxing his kicks where something to watch out for. With one of the best kickboxers of all time in his corner by the name of Maurice Smtih, he had something to prove to everyone also.

Round 1
The first round of the fight was one of which both fighters tested eachothers worth and both performed their characteristic trade mark shots.

Zambidis was tough in the clinches although Spratt impressed with his high kicks and on many score sheets took the round.

Round 2

From the moment the bell rang so did the impressive talents of Mike Zambidis. Uping the tone and characterstically laying down great hand combinations Mike turned the fight his way.

When Zambidis scored his first knockdown of the fight with an impressive high kick that sent Spratt to the canvas. From on in rained down with powerful over hand rights and left hooks that recoreded another two knockdowns and the fastest victory of the night.

Posted by stars5/zambidis at 8:18 PM EADT
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A1 World Kickboxing Tournament 28/11/2004 An overview

The A1 Kickboxing Tournament (Solak Production) : 8 men 7 fights one winner!! all to be decided in one night at the vodafone arena. All fights where 3 * 3 minute rounds.

For Mike Zambidis this was a night not to be forgotten. The night would prove that he is yet again the best kickboxer on the planet and yet again prove his superiority against Gurkan Ozkan.

>Fight 1 : Gurkan Ozkan (Tur/Aus) vs Frank Nadje (Iv.C)
*Winner Ozkan unanimous points after 3 rounds

>Fight 2: Segey Ershov (Rus) vs Headhunter (PNG)
*Winner Headhunter KO 3rd Round Kicks

>Fight 3: Baris Nezif (Tur/Aus) vs Hamid Boujaoub (Mor)
*Winner by Hamid due to neck injury sustained by Nezif

>Fight 4: Pete Sprat (USA) vs Mike Zambidis (Gre)
*Winner Zambidis by TKO 2nd Round. (3 downs)

>Fight5: Gurkan Ozkan (Tur/Aus) vs Headhunter (PNG)
* Winner Ozkan unanimous points

>Fight 6: Hamid Boujaoub (Mor) vs Mike Zambidis (Gre)
*Winner Zambidis unanimous points

>Final Fight 7: Gurkan Ozkan (Tur/Aus) vs Mike Zambidis (Gre)
****Winner of A1 Mike Zambidis unanimous points

Posted by stars5/zambidis at 7:55 PM EADT
Updated: Friday, 3 December 2004 7:53 PM EADT
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