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*~*hott fashion*~*

Abercrombie & Fitch
Pacsun (Pacific Sunwear)
American Eagle

Shout-out 2 my friendz!! *~*Zach- hun, are you mad at me or sumthing? i mean, on wednesday you acted like you were pissed! and when i gave you a hug, you barley even hugged me back! tell me whats wrong plz b/c you got me worried. *~*Jessie- we are going to have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun at the beach!!! Yesss... i love napoleon dynamite! *~* Natalie- i really dont know where i would be w/out u! u helped me through so much that i owe you alot!! luv ya babe! *~*Courtney W- OMG! your crazy! (great times)but your my slut so i love ya! lol(jk) *~*lynsey- sorry about the shit i put u through! i really am. i love ya lots! *~* days till I go 2 the beach with jessie! * *

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