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Rest In Peace Ederson

Ederson.. ii dun even kno where to begiin. me n you only talked a couple of tiimez butii feel Liike iive known you mii whole Liife. you were so sweet and so adorable [no joke]. the way you started talkiin you us.. kiinda stayed iin mii miind.. den agaiin.. you kiinda iinterupted mii conversation. lol.. damn ii*ll never forget that. ii was iin a bad mood, cryiin n you were waiitiing for someone to show up and you looked at us and started talkiin to us and cheered me up iin seconds! thank you!! :o) and then you helped me look for the heart that had fallen off mii bracelet.. and then you found iit and gave iit to me.. just to let you know.. ii now have that heart on mii necklace just so iit could be closer to mii heart. <3 When ii found out you were iin that acciident ii diidnt even know what to do. ii criied so much when ii found out you had diied , but at leats ii know you are iin a better place. You are God's lil angel now and ii know you*re up there watchiin over us and protectiing us. Riight now ii just want you to know that you wiiLl always be miissed and no one wiiLl ever take your place iin our hearts. we are gonna miiss you so much more then what we already do and iits not even funny. Just the thought of you beiing iin that car actually briings tears to mii eyes. but dont worry because you are never goiing to be forgotten...NeVeR!! everytiime ii look at your piicture ii start to thiink about how you should stiiLl be here wiith us. ii just dont know what to do wiithout you here. ii thiink about that one horriible niight and how our Liives got completely turned around. you left us here and you went to a better place but ii stiiLl cant beLiieve you*re gone. we need yoy here by us, to make s laugh at your jokes and to cheer us up wiith that beautiiful smiiLe that we all miiss. you were always the person to remiind us about how our Liives would always have that turniing poiint when we were completely out of iit. ii miiss you so much sweetiie. ii dont know what to do anymore. ii need you here t guiide me through thiis Liife. ii am so miiserable wiithout you and ii cant stand thiis. ii look at your piictures every niight and the only thiing ii could do iis cry.. cry because ii know that you aren*t here wiith me and you never wiiLl be agaiin. ii keep thiinkiin that you are gonne come back here and surpriise all of us but then ii thiink about iit and ii reaLiize that*s not gonna happen. you just don*t understand how much we miiss you. we need you here helpiin us through our sadness. why diid iit have to be you? iim not sayiing iit should have been anyone else.. iim just sayiing that you deserve to be here wiith us enjoyiing Liife wiith us and laughiing and goofiing around. On your biirthday.. school diidnt even feel the same.. everyone knew iit was YOUR day and no one elses. ii even remember haviing people talk about you that day.. sayiing they couldnt beLiieve that you were gone and not comiing back. ii miiss you so much sweetiie. the memoriies you gave us wiiLl always remaiin iin our hearts and so wiiLl everythiing else. -a miiLLiion words cannot briing you back... ii know because iive triied.. a miiLLiion tears couldnt do that eiither.. ii know because iive criied- *Rest In Peace Ederson Possamaii* 10-15-86 til 09-14-03