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Shouts Outs

______________~Shouts OUts~___________________________

*Aim-way to many good tymes in math and s.s.
*Hope-way to many tymes at the bus stop and every where else
*Rachel M- I could fill up intire page of all the insders and good tymes we have ((Mustard and Katchup Dance))lol
*Rachel s. great tymes in Life skills and last year
*Rachelle- our moms r mean for not letting us wear makeup untill we were great tymes
*Alex- many many great tymes in Math with Rob
*Jenn- great tymes in math
*Monnie- great tymes on the bus and at sckool
*Shelby-gereat tymes in w.l and art and gym
*Linsay-great tymes on the bus
*Toni-we have to much fun tymes in w.l. and life skills ((Mr.BUbble))
*Bramous-we were like best freinds in like Kindagranden im glad we still r
*sam- Our storys rock and way to many fun tymes at dance ((bun huggers))
*Jill-our storys rock and to many great tymes in dance and sckool.((la la la ))
*Trica-great tymes in science we had to marry bad people
*Nicky-i very glad having a locker partner that like the same people i do. lol
*Tina- ur a very nice friend im glad i meet u
*Brittany-2 many funny tymes in math and l.a.
*Steph_great tymes in gym and last year

#Dylan- u have been there 4 me since kinigranden
#Rob- we just met u this year by it feels like i've know u my whole life. i love u so much. way to many tymes in math and now l.a.
#Eddie- u r so funny good tymes in w.l and science ((watch out im a witch))
#Tom- ur so stupid its funny and all ways rember im a bitch but not your bitch
#Kyle R-thx for helpin me wit this site . to many good tymes
#jordan-way to many good tymes in s.s and pepp. ((NO))
#Metter- ours bros r best friends and u went out wit 2 of my best freinds. lylb
#Breet- to many great tymes at the bus stop
#Kyle L- ur kewl and we have fun tymes in lfe skills
#Mike- ur kewl and fun tymes in life skills
#Aaron- u can be really funny sometymes but most of the tyme i hate u.
#Rodick- ur so fun to hang wit s.s.and the bus wouldnt be as fun wit out u.
#Derek- ur kewl and u help me dis Dylan in science ~~~~~Well thats about all of them~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***P.s. if i forgot u aske me i dont bite*****