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Chapter 3: Lesson

*~ Twin ~*

It's lesson time... Didn't 月姐 said that it's a English school? BUT.. Why is everything still
in Chinese! ~ >__< ~ I got no problem with understanding Chinese, but when it comes to writing... Everything is in traditional Chinese... Wish me good luck! I was taught with
simplified Chinese and that is the only way I can write. I can't write traditional Chinese.
Oh my god! What am I going to do?

I peeked at 坤達's worksheet, trying my best to see what he is writing...

坤達: 有什麼事嗎?

Twin: 我。。我不會寫繁體字。

坤达: 啊。。歐。。對,你是從新加坡來的。我幫你跟老師

He helped me to inform the teacher. He is a helpful guy isn't him?

The Math teacher excused me by allowing me to write in simplified Chinese. Thank god!
BUT, now... Another problem arises... What is
面積? What is this word all about...?
I didn't saw this word appearing in my Math textbook before! Of course... In Singapore,
my textbooks are all in English except for Chinese language. And now... Every textbook
is in Chinese except for English language. Is that area or what? It seems to be area
of the triangle but I'm not sure! I scratched my head thinking what is

Itís him again... Helping me when I just needed.

坤達: 你。。不會做嗎?

Twin: 我是不明白什麼是面積。因為在新加坡時我們都是用英文來做數學的 所以。。

坤達: 歐!面積在英語應該是area吧。

Twin: 啊。。跟我猜的一樣。。謝謝你!

坤达: 不客氣。有什麼不懂得就問我吧。

Twin: 可以嗎。。謝謝你!

坤达: 不用啦。

*~  坤達  ~*


*~ Twin ~*

It's my 1st day in school today; all of my classmates are so friendly to me. Especially
the guy, Penny, he is so helpful; he helped me in most of my subjects. Math, Science,
History etc. Well... I believe the only subject that I can cope well with is English. Other
than that... I think that... *sigh* I really see the difference of Chinese standard
between Singapore and Taiwan. I'm a top scorer in my Secondary school last time.
All my subjects are 'A's including Chinese! If I had taken the whole
O level examination...

I look at the calendar. It's February 28 today. The release of the O level results
in Singapore. Wonder how well has Wendy score for the O level examination?

I pick up the phone, and dial Wendy's number.

Twin: Hello, may I speak to Wendy please?

Wendy: Twinnie?

Twin: Yup!

Wendy:  Hey!!! How's life in Taiwan?

Twin: Not bad... It's my 1st day in school today... Chinese language is torturing
        me like mad!

Wendy: Haha! All of your subjects are in Chinese right?

Twin: All except for English! Anyway, how's your O level result?

Wendy: Oh! Not bad! Our class did very well... Erm..

Twin: Ya?

Wendy: Your result slip is with me. Do you want to know your results?

Twin: Well... It isn't important to me now. Anyway, can u send me the O level
        Math paper as well as my result slip to me?

Wendy: Sure. No problem!