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Lesson Page

Why take lessons?

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Basic info: Lesson price: $15 per hour. Indoor arena, so lessons all year round. Barn located in Sandy, Ut. Four levels for the lessons.

Leasing horses: per hour, $25 per hour. With trail guide in trails or alone. Can bring up to two other people.

Tentative outline of levels:

Level one: -types of saddle, bridle, bits, etc. -parts of saddle -parts of bridle -basic anatomy of horse -Riding aids, gaits -basic grooming equipment -coat colors, breeds, sexes, hands -“warming up” & “cooling out” -horse language skills: *how to/not act around horses *groom & tack up, put on accessories *leading *mounting & dismounting *walk, posting trot, halting (english & western) *figure 8 *mucking out *haltering, un-haltering *how to turn out *tie quick release knot *transitions (canter, halt, etc.) *clipping, trimming *how to handle misbehavior (test)

Level two: -good, bad conformation -feeding -vaccinations -temperature -parasites, de-worming -step sequence of gaits -cross, counter cantering -leads -more antaomy skills: *bathing *pulling mane *dissemble& clean tack *first aid *braid mane *correct diagonal *correct lead *serpentine *figure eight at walk, trot, canter *blanketing *posting w/out stirrups *safe trail riding/ techniques *trotting over poles (test)

Level three: -braiding tail -treatment for common illness (ex: thrush) -floating teeth -foal birth -how to identify illness (ex: colic) -amount of water, food horses required -more anatomy skills: *longeing *bran mash/ other *bareback riding *basic dressage: side pass, leg yield *canter barrels *canter over jumping course at least 2" high *jump without stirrups *turn on the forehand *overcoming trail riding obstacles *hand gallop *how to set up jumping course (strides, etc.)

Level four: -canter bareback -jumping bareback -bridle-less riding -canter w/ egg& spoon -riding backwards -side seat -dimple dell spook test -galloping -horse whispering techniques -detailed anatomy of bones, muscles, organs -more dressage -trailering