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Homework 1&2

In this page, I will include my first web page, as well as the web review project.

Criteria for great websites:

1. This is a link to my first website.
Pearl Jam is my favorite band, so I thought I would start with their website.

Summary of the Pearl Jam Website

My interest in this site is very high because I enjoy this bands music. The information on this site is remarkable. You can research the news page back to July of 2003. The site offers a timeline of the band spanning the time from their humble beginnings all the way to international superstardom. The homepage isn't too aesthetically pleasing, but it serves it's purpose. The rest of the site uses black and white photography on a black background which is always visually pleasing. One of the nice features of this site is the option to view a slow connection version. This site has several good effects, including the intro music on the home page, and live video content. Overall the site is well done. The timeline is one of my favorite features. One of the areas that could use some improvement is the coloring of the website. Some subtle use of color would help liven up certain areas.

2. The second site is a perfect circle.

Summary of a perfect circle website

I really like the setup of the site. It looks very cool. The black background highlighted with vivid colors makes it nice to look at. The artistic picture of the woman turning at the top is a sweet touch. The buttons are formatted with sound which make surfing a bit more exciting. The site is very well done, yet simple at the same time. If you scroll through all the links, you can see that there is very little info available. This would be an issue for the band itself, the design of this site, however, is excellent.

3. This a the last site, and yes, another one of my favorite bands audioslave.

Summary of audioslave website

This website explodes onto your screen with a montage of audioslave songs. The art on the homepage is from the groups album cover. There is a window at the top of the screen with links to recent news and content. An interesting feature in this site is the self scrolling menu on the secondary pages. This menu bar is useful, but can be annoying at times. There is plenty of information for fans and activists looking to help with some of the groups causes. The pages may take a bit to load for slower connections. Visually, I would rate the site as "slightly above average", but functionally I would say it's pretty sound.

check out page2

If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me.