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just me
Friday, 9 January 2004
been a while
i knew id never write in this thing. a whole lot of crap has happened since i last wrote, but no need to tell ya all of it unless sumthing happens so i need to explain it. but its been forever. lord of the rings came out. the last one :( theyll be no more now! but it was soooo awsome. the wedding has been over and done with. just had it last weekend. got a cute cherry dress for it. we had the assembly ( a ge together for jehovah wittnesses). cor let me borrow the silmarillion. so im still reading that. havent gotten far in it...havent exactly been in the right mind set for reading. been...distracted maybe? and ive hung out with steve three times in person. and i dont think anything that important needs to be brought up for you guys to know. well, there is one or two things, but maybe later. so cya

Posted by stars5/twilight-maiden at 3:09 PM EST
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Tuesday, 18 November 2003
my weekend
hmmm, friday....
didnt do much, well i posted friday, so you know i did service. but friday nite, i talked to corey. he confided in me alittle. not really about him, he was just having a hard time dealing with things. so it was nice seeming how ive talked to him for over a yr now and he never really "talks" to me, but i never really "talk" to him either- its always small talk. i went to the mall saturday with dee- she was saying how coreys so easy to talk- but not for me. i dont really know why, but i have yet to confide in him about anything. the mall was wicked fun. i found sum dresses and shoes i want to wear to a wedding in january. but i dunno if ill get em- my sister has been looking for the same style dress and probably wont want us to like like twins- which i understand, but i really want this style. oh well...the things i do for my sis. i could just say screw you, get over it, im wearing what i want. but i wont...even tho i want 2. me and dee had some really good convos goin on. shes such a sweatheart. she told me alot, and i told her different things that she might have caught on 2 about me. and she burned me the 3days grace cd...good band. i luv the cd. its wicked sweet. im actually listenin to it now. sunday went to the mall with loads of people. didnt buy anything. i wanted to get this blue and white stripped shirt that had a cherry on it. but no job means no money. errr moms coming downstairs... ill write more lata

Posted by stars5/twilight-maiden at 3:19 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 19 November 2003 5:05 PM EST
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Friday, 14 November 2003
hey guys, sup? was ok. i went in service. didnt really talk to anyone. bummer. nobody ever listens, they see who it is, not interested. tho i see their point of view alittle, it would be really nice to have sum1 who actually listens. the guy who did the car groups was funny, he was like "laurie...i was gonna put myself in the same group as you, but im in a weird mood, so i decided it would be mean." lol it was funny. and after service i ate papa ginos. breadsticks rule!!!!!
last nite was fun, i was talking to steve till like 1:30 in the morning. i was talking to a kid named corey 2...but hes weird. its not a bad weird...just, i cant put my finger on it. well actually i could if i wanted to, but i wont, i mean who wants to hear about that? lol but steve just got off...i was just talking to him. hes getting me into they might be giants. he sent me 2 of their songs; cyclops rocks & new york city. i like those songs. and guess what?!?! he likes nemo!!!! i was like sweet...hes 18 and he owns it. how cool is that. my sister had a nemo party last weekend lol we got nemo a table clothe, party hats, plates, cups, cake, all nemo!!!! lol im in such a good mood so im trying not to focus on negative thoughts, but i feel my mood changing very slowly. errr, what to do. i was thinking of putting a poem in here i wrote...but that will make my mood change faster, so maybe next time. lata

Posted by stars5/twilight-maiden at 5:41 PM EST
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Thursday, 13 November 2003
so i have a talk tonite. the c.o just reacently changed out meetins to 7 instead of 7:30. so my mom is flipping out. she keeps goin on about how my householder hasnt called me back and a bunch of stuff. its like its my talk, stop worrying about it!!!! im homeschooled, its not even 2 yet, she probably thinks im in school. and since meeting times have changed she goes on about how the c.o shouldnt have done that cuz now sisters will have a hard time getting to the meeting earlier to go over the talk. its like shut up! its not your talk! i can handle it. im fine. man! mothers drive me nuts! lol im done complainging haha, so i posted twice in one day, wow, good for me hehe gotta run(no, i dont mean literally running, haha) bye

Posted by stars5/twilight-maiden at 1:54 PM EST
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hey guys, whats goin on
wow. i dont think ive ever written here be4. i decided to give it a try. i dont like blogs tho, you cant fully be yourself incase sum1 you know reads it. but hey, i can still write. my friend dee introduced me to this kid steve a day or 2 ago. hes pretty cool. wants to do service with a few of us soon. i think thats wicked cool. i was just talking to him. he was babysitting his niece and nephew. i watched my fav disney movie this morning. robin hood, its a cartoon. no im not little, im 15 and not feeling to good, so i got icecream and watched robin hood lol anyways, now that ive tested this out, im gonna run.

Posted by stars5/twilight-maiden at 1:38 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 13 November 2003 1:40 PM EST
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