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Donnie Darko- We loved it. We thought it original and interesting. It was a mind boggling must see sci fi movie. We arent into the sci fi scene on the usual day. But this movie will change your mind! Butterfly Effect- This was awesome and twisted. Ashton Kutcher suprised us with a surprisingly scary role. This comedian who will make us laugh until our stomachs hurt, gave us a stomach-aching pain in fear. And our eyes fill up with tears. Havanna Nights- Awesome. If you liked the first you will love this one. It makes you want to get up and dance. These actors did a wonderful job, and this movie was one that will stay for a while. Dumb and Dumberer- This movie contridicted the original in many ways. It was one of the most idiotic movies ever. I have never been so disappointed and appauled. The actors chosen were horrible and the plot was pointless. This movie will not be remembered. It gave the first one a bad name. Cabin Fever- This was another disappointment. No plot and bad actors have a bad ending. As well as this movie. It was predictable and long. Instead of being scared, I was sleepy and bored. This movie stunk.