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Me & My Friends

Things i do with my friends

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Ashley Isenhart
Ashley, & Jill
Me & my roommates @ the Summer convetion @ Cregains!

(front row)
Christina, Tyler, Carly, Beth
(2nd row)
“Yar”, Vernon, Ryan, Natalie, April, Emily
(Back row)
“G-baby”, Ethan, Jenny, Pastor Larry
Carly & Me @ the 2003 Summer convention
Zion Youth group before going to the giving tree in Fargo a few years back!
Sarah & Me on the band trip(8th grade)!
High school band trip group
Sara on the bus
Heather, Leah, Carly, Ashley, & me @ DQ in Morris on June 27, 2002!
Me & Amber
Thresa & Me @ Bonanza on a field trip
Markie Dietz & Kayla Siefert
Christina Hamilton & Christina Warnier in the summber of 1998(I think)
My Kindergarten Christmas Concert!
Chelsea – Posing
Chelsea – sitting on her bed
Chelsea – Talking to David on David on the phone
Chelsea, Kerri, & Ashley @ Prom 2004
Elizabeth Bauer – posing with my prom flowers
Elizabeth – Posing with her Show choir uniform
Elizabeth – Posing with her Show choir uniform
Elizabeth – laying on the floor!
(left to right) Elizabeth, Christina, Kristen, Cammy & Chelsea
Jodel @ Prom 2004
Krisetn & Elizabeth @ Music contests 2004
Elizabeth on chelsea’s Bed

2001-2002 School Year Pics

Heather Vosberg - Freshman

Ashley Rueda - 8th grade

Holly Krueger - Senior

Shantel Needham - Senior

Lacy Hills - Senior

2002-2003 School Year Pics

Julie McAlister - Freshamn

Ashley Rueda - Freshman

Carly Dietz - Sophomore

Tianna Chase - Freshman

Tracy Stallman - Sophomore

Jill McAlister - Sophomore

Ashley Isenheart - Frehsman

Andrew Berkholz - Freshamn

Kayla(senior) and Taylor (1 month)

Kayla Seiftert - Senior

Lisa Farwell - Senior

Celina Kampmeier - Senior

Jodi Kaye - Senior

Carrie Kleindl - Senior

Sarah's Senior pic (2003)

Carly's senior pic (2003)
2003-2004 School Year Pics

Julie Mcalister - Sophomore

Katherine Clark - Freshman

Kristen Schwagl - Freshman

Nicole Athey - Junior

Tianna Chase - Shopomore

Jill McAlister - Junior

Amanda Athey's Senior Pic!

Casandra Athey's Senior Pic!

Ethan's Senior pic (2004)

Lindsey Zabel

Marcus Hendricks

Melissa Powlish

Nicole Martinsen

Amanda Athey

Amanda Athey

Breeyon Cardwell

Cassandra Athey

Chelsea Buller