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Sophie's Page

Hi, I'm Sophie.
I would put lots of stuff about me on here, like where I go to school and stuff, but my tech teacher guy says I can't and that would be like a written invitation to come kidnap me.
But anyone looking at this probably knows where I go to school anyway. Oh well.
So, school is getting kinda boring. At least during class. Paying attention is not my strong point.
I have a golden lab named Kate, and she's really cool. I don't have a picture of her right now though, so I can't put one on here.

Stuff I like...
  • computers
  • my friends
  • shopping
  • music
  • iPod minis - I finally got my green one last summer!
  • earrings
  • talking
  • making jewelery
  • Hummers
  • Canada
  • caramel
  • talking on the phone for a really long time
  • swimming
  • duct tape
  • lime green, hot pink and blue
  • that company called nyc peach that just like covers stuff with rhinestones when you send it to them. except maybe i dont like them that much actually because it costs $350 which i dont currently have to spend on decorations for my iPod... oh well...
  • flip flops that dont hurt your feet

Stuff I hate...
  • miniskirts
  • curling
  • hair ties
  • cloudy summer days
  • pants that don't flare
  • war heads
  • pop quizzes
  • flint napping
  • scary army guys
  • getting only 6 hours of sleep every day during the school year
  • stuff that looks blue, but when you look closer is really purple
  • basically anything to do with legos
  • peppers, no matter what color they are
  • glitter that sticks to you and will never come off no matter how many times you try to scrub it off
  • Kite Rider and The Tao of Pooh
  • CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • losing things it turns out I need

Well, let's see... More about me... Well, I guess my friends...

hm...well i dont rilly kno wut 2 say about everyone so if ur my friend then email me wut i should put on here about u

Devin & Catherine & Emily- okay dev and catherine and emily r the titest 7th graders ever (except 4 next year when i will be a 7th grader, obviously me and my 6th grade friends will be the titest). i have known devin and catherine since i was in 3rd grade at ucds and i am SO glad i am out of that place! anyway ya they r rilly cool...for 7th graders at least...

Ross - um, my parents figured out my url. i dont think they read my site, but just 2 b on the safe side i cant rilly say anything on here...

Jamie - jamie wants me 2 put him on here. i dont rilly kno wut 2 say about jamie either, cuz he is a person. as most of the boys in 6th grade r. this is wut he thought i would put on: jamie is the stupid kid, he has nooooo idea wu he is doin and everyone does his hw 4 him. which is sad but true. jamie's hobbies are probably just like everyone else in r grades, talking on IM (which sadly i dont have), playing sports, being stupid, screwing around and flipping off teachers. how fun. BUT he beat me on the chinese tests twice. i have no idea how that happened. actually he prob cheated cuz he sits in the back of the room. why does the chinese teacher trust jamie to sit in the back of the room next 2 alex m when i have 2 b in the very front away from all my friends? wtv cuz u prob dont care. but its rilly annoying.

Guy - i wouldnt say guy and i are friends. actually some of these ppl r more ppl i see every day then friends. anyway, guy is pretty disgusting but he can b nice when he isnt trying 2 get u 2 hug him or singing rilly annoying songs or wtv. or telling us all that his cut smells like caramel. r parents r friends or something, so i actually knew guy and his sister b4 i started lakeside. but i didnt kno he was going 2 lakeside 2, so that was surprise... i went 2 his moms store the other day cuz my sister is going 2 be a model 4 this fashion show that guys mom is doing the clothes 4. it was special cuz they had some good magazines so i wasnt as bored as i thought i was gonna b. ok, that wasnt even that special so i dont kno y i am saying this... wtv.

Jade - i met jade the same year i met devin and catherine. she is one of my cool ucds friends. except jade left in 5th grade, and now im back in the same school as her! yay!

Susie - susie used 2 go 2 ucds with me and we still go 2 school 2gether, which is rilly happyful. she went thru all the strange little ucds trends with me (luna bars and nalgenes - we were strange...) and now thankfully we r still 2gether cuz i dont kno wut i would do without someone else that suffered thru all 7 years at ucds with me.

Well, that just leaves all my ucds friends that went different places, and my new friends at middle school, IF THEY WOULD HURRY UP AND EMAIL ME! im srry im not very patient... o i just realized most of my old ucds friends dont even kno my email address cuz i changed it and forgot 2 tell u all, so im gonna call u all one of these days...

Okay, well i dont rilly kno wut these things r but they r free so wtv...

btw, i think im gonna change my url. 2 something no one in my family knows. so if u want the new address then email me cuz i dont wanna put it on here. cuz u kno, that wud defeat the purpose cuz my whole family wud look on here and see it and then there wud b no point in changing it cuz they wud still kno it. Well, ya, that's my site!

Last Edited 4-10-05

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