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Mystery Puppy

As 11-year-old Carly walked along the dirt rode to school she saw the tiniest cutest little puppy on the side of the rode. Carly ran to pick it up and saw that it had a note around its neck.
It said, 'Take this dog; I cannot feed her any more, if you don’t take her something bad will happen.'
Carly was so puzzled, and scared, but yet so happy to have found the little puppy. She wondered what the note meant. Could this be a mystery? Carly thought.
When Carly would get to school she would tell her best friend Kate about this. They could be detectives. Carly and Kate had always wanted a mystery to solve and now they had one! This is so exciting Carly thought as she ran to school. But oh dear I will have to go home and bring this dog home first before I go to school. I am going to be so late to school and on top of that I will get in trouble! Carly turned around and ran towards home. What will the teacher do? Will she notice if I am not even there? What am I thinking? Of course she will notice! She cradled the soft brown and black puppy in her arms.
It seemed lifeless and very weak. “You must be hungry.” Carly said softly in the puppy’s ear.
Still running home her mind flashed back to the note around the puppy’s neck. The person that once owned her must have been poor and could not find food for it. But what did it mean about if you don’t take her something bad will happen! What would happen?
Well I should not worry about it. I did take the puppy.
When she reached her house she flew open the door and ran inside. Her mom and her dad were surprised to see her back and not in school. “What’s wrong, dear?” mom said confused. Carly held out the puppy to her parents. “I found her in the street! Look at the note around her neck.” Carly said catching her breath.
Dad took the puppy from her arms. Then murmured to himself about what the note said and then read it out loud to mom.
“Oh dear” mom said to the puppy. “We got to find you some food.” She carried the puppy to the kitchen.
Carly thought to herself about how lucky she was to have parents like she does. So caring for other things and to herself. Dad turned his head to her. “Hurry along to school. We can take care of the puppy while your gone.”
Carly could not help to smile “Dad do you think we can keep her?”
“Well if there is no other place for her, yes we will.”
Before entering the schoolhouse she took a deep breath thinking about what the teacher may say. She opened the door and hung her coat on one of the pegs on the wall.
The teacher had her back turned to the class writing something on the chalkboard. Carly took her seat quietly next to Kate.
The teacher stopped writing and turned to the class. “Where were you this morning? Carly!” The teacher asked sternly.
“Sorry Miss. Campbell…” She stuttered thinking what dad would say in a situation like this. He would tell the truth.
“Well…” Said Miss. Campbell.
“I found a lost pup on the way here. She was very hungry so I took her back home. Surly you understand.” Every one in the one room schoolhouse was looking at her.
Miss. Campbell raised an eyebrow at Carly and said, “Is that the truth?”
I nodded my head avoiding her gaze upon me.
“Very well” she murmured “Back to class children!” All the kids snapped from their trance towards her and started writing uncontrollably on the paper at their desks. That wasn’t so bad, and Carly did not even lie. Kate nudged her with her elbow. “Did you really find a puppy?” she said in her lowest voice. Carly swallowed hard and nodded her head trying not to speak. She did not want to get into more trouble today.
Kate smiled “You got to show it to me after school!”
“Ok” Carly whispered to Kate, the puppy lover.

When the bell rang everybody stampeded out the schoolroom. As Carly and Kate walked out into the cold chilly afternoon. She started talking about the puppy. “So where did you find it? Does it belong to anybody?”
Carly stared at her “I think we got a mystery to solve.” Kate started jumping up and down. “A mystery! How exiting! What’s it about?”
Carly clutched the belt strap around her schoolbooks. “Well when I found the puppy she had a note around her neck.”
Kate looked confused, “A note what did it say?”
Carly made puffs of mist with her breath. “It said take this dog; I cannot feed her anymore, if you don’t take her something bad will happen.”
Kate clasped her hand around her chin. “Strange indeed. Well I guess we will just haft to find out!” She picked up her skirt and started running towards Carly's house. “Come on if we want to find out, we got to do it now!”
As they walked home it started pouring down rain! By the time they got to Carly's house they were both soaked.
"Ooooh!'' Kate cried. “I'm all wet!”
“Want to go and put on some of my pjs? Maybe you can spend the night!”
“I will ask my mom later. Kate’s gaze fell upon the little puppy.”Is that the little puppy?"
“Yes!” Carly replied with a smile as big as Texas.
“Oh my she is so cute!" Kate said.
“Lets take the puppy up to my room.”
“Ok." Kate replied. As the girls changed into there pjs they chatted about the puppy. Once they were changed into their pjs they sat down on Carly's bed.
“Can I see the note?" Kate asked.
“Ok. My mom I guess has it. I'll go and get it.” When Carly got to the kitchen were her mom was she asked were her mom had put the note.
“I put it on the window sill, honey." Carly's mom answered.
“Ok!” Carly scurried to get the note that was sitting on the windowsill. Right then the doorbell rang. Carly grabbed the note and ran to get the door. But when she got to the door all that was there was a note, a note that said: 'I am going to always be watching you, and whenever I get a chance I will take your dog.'
“Oh my!!!!!!! Mooooooom! Look! A note! A horrible note!” At that very second Carly's mom and Kate came. “Look!” Carly handed them the note.
“Who would do such a thing!”? Carlys' mom said.
Carly was thinking so hard she did not hear her mother’s cries. Who is doing this? Why would they throw the puppy out in the street? And then tell them that they are going to steel the puppy when they wanted them to take it?
“This is very odd!” Carly thought to herself. She turned to her mom who was studying the note.
“Why?” She asked her mom. Then she told her about what she was thinking.
“That’s true dear.” Mom handed the note to Kate who was confused about the whole thing. “It might just be some kids playing a prank.”
“I don’t think its that simple.” Carly's mind was racing with so many thoughts. “But how do these people know were we live?”
Mom nodded her head “That’s why I am scared, The massage said they are watching us!”
“Watching us!” Kate exploded. “Shouldn’t we get the police?”
Mom frowned. “I don’t know if they could do anything. Lets wait in till your father gets here. He’ll know what to do.” Mom went back to the kitchen. And Carly and Kate went back up stairs to think about the things that are happening. The little puppy was running around the room as the girls took turns throwing the ball to her.
“Maybe…maybe someone at school is doing it.” Kate said.
“Its probably that Brittany!” Carly said. Kate nodded her head slowly.
“Tomorrow when we go to school, we will interview everyone. Maybe someone will just tell us what’s going on.”
“That’s a good idea!” Carly responded. “Lets stop worrying about it and pick a name for the puppy.”
Kate started to think, “Well she’s got black dots all over her.”
“Lets call her Dotty. Its like a real name.” Carly said.
“Great!” Kate said with excitement in her voice.

The next morning Carly and Kate walked to school together. They took their seats when they entered the schoolhouse. Carly looked at all of the children’s faces to see if anyone looked suspicious. No one did but Brittany. But she always looked that way. She always looked for stuff so she could cause trouble. All through school Carly could not concentrate. She did not even hear the teacher when she called her name.
Kate was trying to get her intention “Carly the teacher is calling you!” Carly stood straight up. “Yes!” All the kids laughed.
“Are you paying attention?” She asked sternly.
Carly is always so nervous when she talks to the teacher. “Yes..Um…I” She spat out.
“I saw you looking out the window! And not at your paper!” The teacher practically yelled.
“Sorry! I promise it wont happen again!”
Miss. Campbell put her hands on her hips. “If it does you got to stay an hour after school, I will be watching you!” She motioned for Carly to sit back down. Brittany had her hand cupped over her mouth and was laughing.
Carly paid no intention to her. Then the bell rang and school was out. Kate and Carly walked towards a patch of girls that were chatting to each other. All of them they knew. They were all talking about the latest fashion. Carly and Kate were not interested. So they started to talk about the puppy to see if they new anything. They all shook their heads. They walked away and sat on a bench near two boys and talked out loud about Dotty so they could hear. But none of them flinched. They must of talked to all of the kids and learned nothing.
“Now what?” Carly asked Kate. “We haven’t talked to Brittany yet.”
Kate nodded towards Brittany who was talking to her friend.
“Do we have to?” Carly groaned.
“If you want to find out yes!” Kate said. “Lets go.” Carly walked slowly with Kate towards Brittany.
Brittany heard them coming and looked at them, “What are you doing?” She asked in her know it all voice.
“We are trying to find the owner to the lost puppy Carly found.” Kate had her notebook out and pencil.
“What would I know about your stupid puppy?"
Carly’s temper rose. “She’s not a stupid puppy!” Carly grabbed Kate’s arm and dragged her away. “Sorry Kate, I just don’t want to get into a fight with her and get into trouble again.”
Kate stuffed her notebook and pencil back into her pocket. “I understand, I just can’t stop thinking that it’s probably her.” Kate said glancing back at Brittany.
“Me too.” Carly said back.

“Do you want to come to my house and think of what to do next?” Carly said to Kate as they walked down the dirt path.
“Sure.” Kate replied. When they reached the door to Carly’s house. Carly stepped on something white. She picked it up. It was another massage! The ink was smeared but Carly could make it out. It said: 'We are coming to get the puppy! If you want the puppy to be safe you better watch it at all times!'
“Who is doing this?!” Carly yelled and showed the massage to Kate.
Kate gasped and said, “Lets go tell your dad and mom!” They ran inside the house………
“Mom, dad! Come quick! Look another note!”
“What does it say?” Mother asked with concern in her voice.
“Well first wheres the puppy?”
“She's in the kitchen.”
“Come on Kate lets go get her.”
"Ok.” When the saw that the puppy was still safe in the kitchen they both smiled brightly.
“Did y'all find her girls?” Carly's mom called from the living room.
“Yes mom! Come on lets go in the living room now”.
“Ok.” Kate replied. “But don’t forget the puppy!”
“What did the note say?" Carly's mom asked with a worried look.
“Well here’s the note.” Carly dug for it in her pocket were she had put it. “It is not there anymore mom!”
“Who could have taken it?" Kate asked.
“I really don’t know." Answered Carly. They looked all over for it but did not find it.
“Who, what, how?" asked Kate.
“Well that’s just what we will have to figure out!”
“I have some money and I want to go and buy a notebook to write down all our clues in!" Carly said.
“I have some money too!" Kate replied.
“Mom, can we get to the Note Book shop?”
“Well I guess.” Mom answered. “Can we take the puppy?”
”Well ok. "Answered Carly's mom. Once they got the leash on Dotty they were out the door. The Note Book shop was right down the street so it only took 2 minutes to walk there.
“Here we are!” Carly said.
“Come on lets go in." Kate replied. Once they were inside the Note Book shop the saw tons of cute notebooks.
“How much money do you have to spend?”
“I have $10. How about you?”
“I have $8. Will we should have plenty for a note book”
"Oh look there’s one! It is purple! And look it has a ton of secret pockets! I want that one” Carly said.
“Oh look there’s one that has a baby blue cover!” Kate said. “I want that one! Lets go check out now.”
“Ok." Carly replied. “You go first."
“Ok.” Kate replied. Kate set her notebook on the counter for the sales clerk to check out. “The total will be 7.99.” Kate gathered her money from her billfold. The sales clerk put the notebook in a bag then handed it to Kate. Next Carly checked out. When they were done they hurried to Carly's house.
“Mom! Look at the notebooks we got! They have lots of secret pockets too!”
“Oh my they are very cute!” Carlys mom said.
Carly and Kate went to Carly’s room and looked all through there notebooks, Carly found a note in one of the secret pockets.
It said….. 'Give me the puppy!'
“This is so weird!” Carly shouted out and shoved the note into Kate’s hands.
Kate’s eyes scanned the note. “How did that get in there?”
Kate looked worried. “Someone must have slipped it in there. Before we bought it!” Kate shook her head.
“But this note is for us! How did they know that we were going to buy the notebook?”
“I don’t know its another thing we got to find out.” Carly said as Kate handed her the note back.
Carly and Kate wrote all the suspects names down and wrote what to do next. In the secret pockets they slipped the notes they found.
When the sun was setting Kate got up and said “Well I should get home.”
“Can you sleepover? Tomorrow is Saturday!”
Kate smiled and said, “I will call my mom and ask!” Her mom said yes and the rest of the night they spent there time playing with Dotty and scribbling in there new notebooks.

Carly and Kate were sleeping peacefully in Carly’s room. It was very late and Carly could feel Dottie’s soft fur at her feet. She was lying comfortably in her soft bed until she heard a weird noise. She looked over her bed to see if it was just Kate getting a glass of water. But Kate was still asleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. Then Carly heard soft whispering from outside! Dotty heard it to. She was growling lowly in her throat.
“Stay girl. Be quite!” She calmed the small dog. She stood and listened. She couldn’t make out what was being said. She climbed softly out of bed and shook Kate awake. Kate was dazed but soon was her normal self. “Listen Kate.” Carly whispered.
“What is that?” She said quietly.
“Sounds like someone is outside!” Carly said louder.
“Braking in!” Kate stood up.
“SHHHHH!” Carly shushed. “They are probably coming for Dotty!” Carly said walking to her window. The room was dark the only light was the light from the moon through the open window. Carly glanced outside in her back yard but saw nobody. “There in the front yard.” Carly locked her bedroom window and ran to Kate. “We got to stop them! They could get away!” The girls locked Dotty in the room so nobody could get her. They walked down the dark narrow hallway to the living room.
They peeked out the front window and saw dark figures. They were kids. One a girl and the other a boy. “I can’t see who it is.” Kate whispered to Carly.
Carly nodded “Me neither, but they are braking in!” They ran to the kitchen and went out the back to try to surprise the visitors. They walked slowly around the house. Ready to grab the crooks. But just then Carly stepped on a stick and it cracked under her foot. \
“Run!” They heard on of the kids say. The two dark shadows fled from the yard and down the path.
“No! We almost had them!” Carly dropped to her knees.
“Carly, didn’t that voice sound familiar?” Then it came to Carly! It sounded like Brittany’s older brother John!

In the morning Carly and Kate sat at the kitchen table as mom sat down a plate piled with pancakes. Dad walked in cheerfully
“Good morning!”
“Morning” we all said even Kate. Dad sat down at the table and ate pancakes. Kate whispered in Carly’s ear
“Are you going to tell them what happened at night?” I shook my head.
“I don’t want them to worry, me and you are going to catch them ourselves!” Kate went back to eating. “Any mail today dear?” dad said to Carly.
“I haven’t checked yet I will right now!” Carly opened the front door and wasn’t surprised to see another massage on the porch. This time it said…I am coming! Carly folded the note to put in her notebook. She grabbed the mail and went to go finish eating.
“Kate when are you going home?” Carly asked wanting her to stay longer.
“Whenever you want to me to go!” Kate said. “I have nothing to do today anyways.”
“Your welcome to stay as long as you want.” mom said. “Thanks!” Kate smiled. After eating Carly and Kate ran back to Carly’s room.
“Look this was on are porch when I went to get the mail.” Carly handed the folded note to Kate. Kate read it and said
“we got to stop this now!” Carly nodded and was thinking.
“Why don’t we go see Brittany.”?
“And what are we going to ask her.” Kate said.
“We will tell her what happened at night and see if she gets scared and we will just force her to tell us!” Carly started to latch the leash around Dottie’s.
“OK! Lets go!” Kate said exited. As they walked into town to find Brittany Kate said,
“There’s just one thing I don’t get.” “What’s that?” Carly asked.
“Brittany isn’t poor she could feed Dotty.” Carly nodded.
“There must be some other reason.” When they got to town they searched for Brittany or John. When they did not see them they went to their house. A little nervous and a little scared but mostly exited. They knocked on their door waited a couple seconds and were in luck. Brittany was the one who answered! She was shocked when she saw them then she glanced at Dotty who was wagging her tail Brittany’s face turned white.
“What are you doing here?” She asked nervously.
“Can we ask a couple questions?” Carly said. Just then John came and he went pail.
“What do you want?” usually John is actually nice not like Brittany sounded cold.
“They came to ask questions.” Brittany said over her shoulder.
“About what?” John said without looking away.
“I don’t know?” Brittany said.
“My we come in?” Kate asked politely.
“No!” Brittany said. “I mean, we will come out there.” Brittany and John stepped out and closed the door.
“So what do you want?” John said.
“Well we have been asking people around town if they have seen Dotty are puppy, that I found on the street to see if anyone knew who once owned her.” Carly said bravely.
“I told you I know nothing about her!” Brittany snapped.
“Well maybe John does.” Kate said looking towards him. John lips were dry. Before he could answer Carly continued.
“We have been getting notes on are front porch every morning threatening us that someone would steal Dotty.” “You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” Kate finished for Carly.
“I…” Brittany and John stuttered. Then Carly continued.
“And late at night someone was trying to brake in are house! I couldn’t make out there faces but one thing we knew was that one was a girl and one a boy and the boy sort of sounded like you John!” Kate nodded her head.
“OK!” Brittany yelled tears streaming down her cheeks. John stood there his head hanging.
“So it was you.” Kate said softly.
“Why though?” Carly asked.
“I found the puppy on the street he did not belong to anyone and was ready to die. He was hungry and tired!” Brittany started. “I took her home with me and fed her but then mom saw her! She did not want her in the house and we fought about it for hours! I really wanted to keep her because my friends don’t want to be friends anymore they say I am getting to spoiled.” More tears ran down her face. Carly felt a little guilty.
“But why does your mom don’t want her in the house and why did you say you could not feed her on the note around her neck?”
“Because my mom is afraid she would tear up things and ruin the house and my mom hates dogs! So I asked people if they wanted her but no one did my mom demanded that I would get rid of her or she would throw her out again as a stray dog. I had no choice but to make the note up for people to feel sorry for the dog and take her. Then when I heard at school that you found a dog I knew it was her!” She stopped to catch her breath.
“But why were you making massages an trying to brake in are house?” Carly had so many questions to ask.
“Because I was lonely sense my friends don’t want to play with me anymore. So I decided that I would take the dog from you and hide her in the abandon shed not to far from her and feed her and visit her. But then I saw that you loved the dog and I knew you would say no when I asked to give her back. So I was angry and left massages on your porch to scare you! Then that did not work so I forced John to help me get her from your house when you were all asleep. But we got scared when we heard something coming and we ran!” Now the story was told they had no more worries of someone hurting Dotty. Dotty licked Brittany’s hand and Brittany rapped her hands around the dog’s neck. I looked at Kate who looked at me.
“There’s one thing I have been wondering?” Carly said. “How did you get that note in my new notebook?” Brittany scratched her eyes
“My mom is friends with the guy who works there, And I heard you were going to the bookstore so I asked the man to slip it in the notebook you bought, to really scare you!” “Tell you what!” Carly said “I will let you have the puppy if you will be are friend and not mean to us anymore, but you got to promise.” Brittany smiled and said
“Really?! I promise! I promise I wont yell at you or blame you for stuff I do!” Kate smiled
“Well I guess we will get going!” Kate nudged me and I gave the puppy a kiss and said goodbye and handed Brittany the leash.
“You haft to promise you wont tell mother that I have her!” Brittany said,
“We promise!” we both said as we walked away.
“Thanks so much!” John and Brittany said.
“Do you think Brittany changed?” Kate said.
“Yes I do did you see how happy she ways?” Kate nodded and smiled.
“Well that ends the mystery of the puppy!” When they got back to Carly’s. They told mom and dad what happen and they said they did the right thing.
“I miss Dotty though.” Carly said.
“How about we go to the pet shop tomorrow and get you your own dog?” dad said.
“OH! Dad that would be wonderful! Thanks!” Kate smiled as they walked up to get their notebooks.
“Can I come with you to get your new dog?” Carly smiled
“Of course! I would love to have my best friend help me pick a dog out!” They wrote in there notebooks everything that happened with their first mystery.
“They’re all done!” Kate said.
“Not yet!” Carly said as she wrote the words…...


Written by Rebecca and Ariel

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