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Pandora's Legend
Sunday, 4 April 2004
The Legend of Pandora's Box
Yes, I found this out quite recently.

Pandora was a woman of fair black hair, a bit long a bit short. According to Greek Legend she was the first woman on earth. The Greek god Zeus (aka Jupiter) had summoned the god Hephastus to create Pandora (which means 'all-gifted') out of earth and water.

Once created, Athena granted this girl wisdom. Apollo gave her the power of music and Aphrodite gave her undying beauty. In some legends, Hermes granted her persuation but thought he was better than the rest of the gods. Upon taking her down to the earth, he touched one of Athena's olives on the olive tree Athena gave Pandora. This created a 'Curiosity Seed' for whoever ate it. Of course, Pandora was the one who ate the olive.

After bringing her down to the world, Hermes told Pandora she was to be wed to a certain man. Pandora refused, saying she would not marry to a man she had not known.

While Pandora was living her life on earth, Zeus went into Poseidon's (his brother, also god of the sea) room and stole his precious box. Within this box, Zeus and Hades placed all the dreads of the Underworld (like disease, hatred, jealousy, envy, death, etc.) along with one good thing, a fairy called Hope.

Zeus gave this box to Hades, who disguised himself as an old man. With this disguise he fled to earth and wandered to Pandora. He acted helpless and defenseless so she would take pity on him and take it from him.

Pandora did so, but that curiosity seed within her started taking over. One day she crept to the box, ready to open it as soon as possible. She stared at the lock, which was indeed a long string of many colors. The string seemed to have no beginning and no end. Slowly she tugged on it slightly and it suddenly broke loose, slithering on the ground like snakes.

The creatures within called out to her, "Let us out." So she lifted the lid and out came the many creatures and plagues of the world. Each one of them stung her, leaving her tattered and torn. The final creature flew out and slowly healed her wounds by touching them. Pandora was glad the fairy helped her, and asked her why she did so.

Hope simply replied, "I am Hope, and as long as you believe in me these horrid troubles will leave you alone." So Pandora trusted her, and things got better.

However not long afterwards Zeus became upset and bored again. He ordered Poseidon to create a massive wave to wipe out the earth. Poseidon, although with major doubt, did as he was told and flooded the universe, saving only a couple people whom Zeus favored.

Unfortunetly, Pandora was not one of these people and drowned in the waters. She died with no children, still a virgin, and was never married. Quite sad if you ask me.

And yes, I love Greek mythology.

Posted by stars5/pandorasbox9979 at 7:48 AM
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