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Welcome to OCC P.R.I.D.E.

PRIDE Officers:



ICC Repís

Ryan & David



Inter / Intra College Repís

Tim & Evan

Flyer and Advertising


We meet on Tuesday Room 102 in the Lewis Building (math and science) the building is next to the taco bell by the Merrimac Parking lot E.

Meeting time is set for 5:15 PM the meetings usually go till 7:00pm and occasionally till 7:30pm. We usually go out for coffee after the meetings

Reasons to stop by:

  • get to know one another, make new friends
  • Help plan community service events, fundraisers, pride, marches
  • Plan social events: bon fires, beach trips, clubs, picnics, barbeques, dinners, coffee meets, movie nights, trips, and many other fun and great events!
  • Join us for games, discussion of current topics, Peer Support, and much more.
  • Everyone is welcome and invited; Members, Supporters, Guests
  • P.R.I.D.E Club is a place that everyone can be who they are with out the fear of rejection.
  • We respect everyoneís privacy and do not discriminate.


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