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This is just random <3
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Sugar, We're Going Down
Monday, 8 August 2005
whats the worst thing that i could say?
would it be better if i stayed?

Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 12:26 PM
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yak yak yak
Topic: This is just random <3
DiXieChiCk4Evr: why rnt u on my buddy list
RAWRxDinosaurrx: because im invisable
RAWRxDinosaurrx: and i wish you would have gotten on sooner
RAWRxDinosaurrx: becuse
RAWRxDinosaurrx: im going to die
RAWRxDinosaurrx: as in
RAWRxDinosaurrx: DIE
DiXieChiCk4Evr: huh? u r making no sense!
DiXieChiCk4Evr: why r u dieing?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :cries:
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i IMed george
RAWRxDinosaurrx: and
RAWRxDinosaurrx: things
RAWRxDinosaurrx: didnt go as good as planned...
DiXieChiCk4Evr: why??!?!
DiXieChiCk4Evr: what did u plan?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: he hates me
DiXieChiCk4Evr: how do u know this?
RAWRxDinosaurrx wants to directly connect.
DiXieChiCk4Evr is now directly connected.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: RAWRxDinosaurrx: rawr i say. rawr.
morethanhuman123: hello?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: hola cherry cola?
morethanhuman123: dost I know j00?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: yesh
morethanhuman123: who is this is?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ^_^
RAWRxDinosaurrx: who do you think this ish?
morethanhuman123: erm...gimme a hint
RAWRxDinosaurrx: hm....
RAWRxDinosaurrx: mmk
RAWRxDinosaurrx: this night give it away...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: BUT
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i ish on teh colorguard...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: helping?
morethanhuman123: umm...nope
morethanhuman123: i didn't know anyone on colorguard had my s/n
RAWRxDinosaurrx: well i do
morethanhuman123: hum...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: do you not want me tew?
morethanhuman123: i dont know who you can I say
morethanhuman123: i think...its...megan
RAWRxDinosaurrx: wow
RAWRxDinosaurrx: your good
morethanhuman123:'d you get my screan name?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: mey
morethanhuman123: i see
morethanhuman123: lol
morethanhuman123: just kidding
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
morethanhuman123: :: shakes fist at Mey::
morethanhuman123: gotta go eat
morethanhuman123: i'll bbs
RAWRxDinosaurrx: k
RAWRxDinosaurrx: oh i see....
RAWRxDinosaurrx: thats the "editted"
RAWRxDinosaurrx: once he goes away
RAWRxDinosaurrx: hell never come back
RAWRxDinosaurrx: why did i even frickin IM him?!?!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i should have known better
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i should have
RAWRxDinosaurrx: I SWEAR
RAWRxDinosaurrx: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DiXieChiCk4Evr: who is Mey?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: megan hayes
DiXieChiCk4Evr: whos that?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: she moved
DiXieChiCk4Evr: oo
RAWRxDinosaurrx: syd... why do i do this
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i might just
RAWRxDinosaurrx: be gay
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :rolls eyes:
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ur not gay
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i can tell
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ur just confused
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i didnt say i was gay
DiXieChiCk4Evr: and if u need to experiment u can lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i just said that i might as well be because so guy ever wants to talk to me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: and the ones that do just go away
DiXieChiCk4Evr: hey tad likes talking to you!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: wow
DiXieChiCk4Evr: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: thats helping.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ok... i feel a little better...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: sorta.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: kinda.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: maybe.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ugh
DiXieChiCk4Evr: u need to drink some alcohol!
DiXieChiCk4Evr: jk jk jk jk jk!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: WHAT?!
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i was kidding gosh
RAWRxDinosaurrx: no thanks.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: syd, tommorow, can you just like slap me?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: u need to take 6 deep breathe do a sommer salt kick at the SKY laugh like doctor evil punch a pillow and then cry and im sure youd feel so much better
RAWRxDinosaurrx: tommorow
RAWRxDinosaurrx: will you slap me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: and knock sense into me?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: no but ill help you do the excersie i just described
RAWRxDinosaurrx: loll
RAWRxDinosaurrx: thanks
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ^^
RAWRxDinosaurrx: now
RAWRxDinosaurrx: tonight
RAWRxDinosaurrx: im not going to sleep
DiXieChiCk4Evr: u have to u need to loook good for pictures
RAWRxDinosaurrx: im going to be thinking about how much of a dumb head i amm
RAWRxDinosaurrx: sleep isnt going to help me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: for pictures
RAWRxDinosaurrx: trust me
DiXieChiCk4Evr: why?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: listen dont worry about a than gill walk right up to george tomorrow grab him by the nutts twist them slightly and calmly tell him that if he sint nice to you then the next time i walk up to him i will completely severe his NUTTS from his BODY! and then ill push him down to the ground and call him a fathead
DiXieChiCk4Evr: does that work for you at all?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: syd
DiXieChiCk4Evr direct connection is closed.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: that made
RAWRxDinosaurrx: me SO HAPPY
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ohh dont think i wont do it
RAWRxDinosaurrx: please
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: oh please
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ew jo jo is on
RAWRxDinosaurrx: heh hhe
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i freakin dislike her sooooooo much it almost hurts
RAWRxDinosaurrx: reallly????
DiXieChiCk4Evr: u didnt know?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i want to like her so bad she is just a....well a BITCH and i cant get past it...seriously try so hard to be nice but i just cant get over the way she acts and the things she says it drives me crazy...seriously it makes my skin crawl to hear her...but i try to keep my cool at practice and everything....just keep my distance
RAWRxDinosaurrx: awwwwwww
RAWRxDinosaurrx: why cant we just all get along
RAWRxDinosaurrx: but oh wait
RAWRxDinosaurrx: nevermind
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ik i have thought that so long
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i just want to like everyone and be kind to everyone...but somehow she keeps from being close to her
RAWRxDinosaurrx: awww
RAWRxDinosaurrx: AHH
DiXieChiCk4Evr: like remember when i called her way back then
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i. hate. george. with. an. even. bigger. passion. than. i. did. before
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i was trying so hard to be close to her but i couldnt...she wouldnt let me because shes so bitchy
RAWRxDinosaurrx: yesh i do remeber that
RAWRxDinosaurrx: shes not to me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: thas strange
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ik..i didnt really expect u to understand what i meant i just wanted to tell you
RAWRxDinosaurrx: sorry
DiXieChiCk4Evr: was a bastard
RAWRxDinosaurrx: had to express how i was feeling
DiXieChiCk4Evr: wut**
DiXieChiCk4Evr: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: go ahead
RAWRxDinosaurrx: GOS
RAWRxDinosaurrx: H
RAWRxDinosaurrx: im going crazy over here!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: sdfkjsdj
RAWRxDinosaurrx: dmnehjoihwongwrlndflsdk!!!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: fdlkd
DiXieChiCk4Evr: wanna take a midol?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: help me...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: no drugs.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: its just
RAWRxDinosaurrx: UGH
RAWRxDinosaurrx: call me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: and ill explain it
DiXieChiCk4Evr: 442-3465?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: no
RAWRxDinosaurrx: 442-3455
RAWRxDinosaurrx: one digit off
DiXieChiCk4Evr: shit i was close
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
DiXieChiCk4Evr: damn moms on the fone
RAWRxDinosaurrx: man.....
DiXieChiCk4Evr: with her friend from FL
RAWRxDinosaurrx: well
RAWRxDinosaurrx: they can catch up later
DiXieChiCk4Evr: fer real!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: omg
RAWRxDinosaurrx: omg
RAWRxDinosaurrx: omg
RAWRxDinosaurrx: omg
RAWRxDinosaurrx: omg
RAWRxDinosaurrx: oh
RAWRxDinosaurrx: did you ever finish reading mine and tadius conversation?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: yeah i did
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: jw
DiXieChiCk4Evr: he hurt my feelings
RAWRxDinosaurrx: how are you going to do your make up tom?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: and your hair?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: he hurt you feelings how?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: uh..pretty
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ill tell you tomorrow
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ok
RAWRxDinosaurrx: on the phone later????
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :-D
DiXieChiCk4Evr: yeah
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: is you mommy off deh fone?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: BamaBabeJCS [9:01 PM]: u do know to bring ur disco flag dont u?
DiXieChiCk4Evr [9:01 PM]: yep
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i will
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i want to see if she IMS me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: so shh
RAWRxDinosaurrx: you didnt tell me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
DiXieChiCk4Evr: BamaBabeJCS [9:01 PM]: ok good remind sarah
DiXieChiCk4Evr [9:02 PM]: will do
RAWRxDinosaurrx: im not sara
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ik sweetpea
DiXieChiCk4Evr: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: im goin got be mad if she doesnt im me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: going to ne*
RAWRxDinosaurrx: be**
RAWRxDinosaurrx: do you think that i should im her?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: O_O
RAWRxDinosaurrx: whyy not?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: she
DiXieChiCk4Evr: is
DiXieChiCk4Evr: the
DiXieChiCk4Evr: bitchiest
DiXieChiCk4Evr: bitch
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i
DiXieChiCk4Evr: know
RAWRxDinosaurrx: wait
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i was trying to make a flag
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: but it didnt work out
RAWRxDinosaurrx: crapola
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i see it tho
RAWRxDinosaurrx: aww
RAWRxDinosaurrx: thank you
RAWRxDinosaurrx: your
RAWRxDinosaurrx: the
RAWRxDinosaurrx: niciest
RAWRxDinosaurrx: nicist
RAWRxDinosaurrx: nicest*
RAWRxDinosaurrx: person
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i
RAWRxDinosaurrx: know
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: can you call me now?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: no i can hear her still on it
DiXieChiCk4Evr: she so LOUD
RAWRxDinosaurrx: awww
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i pitty a foo who doesnt call his momma
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: /> --- Mini flagish type thing
RAWRxDinosaurrx: that douche has me blocked!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: oh
RAWRxDinosaurrx: that burns my piss
DiXieChiCk4Evr: NO HE DIDNT!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: YES HE DID
DiXieChiCk4Evr: wuts his sn ill see if hes on
DiXieChiCk4Evr: SN PLZ!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: just dont say anything
RAWRxDinosaurrx: NO TYPEY!
DiXieChiCk4Evr: oh no i wouldnt!!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: morethanhuman123
RAWRxDinosaurrx: he on?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: O_0
RAWRxDinosaurrx: o_0
DiXieChiCk4Evr: BamaBabeJCS [9:11 PM]: thank u
DiXieChiCk4Evr [9:12 PM]: yep no prob
RAWRxDinosaurrx: tahnk you what?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: i geuss she meant thank you for letting he rknow for me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: BamaBabeJCS: and if u wanna call the new girls and tell them than feel free to cuz i cant find my phone list
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: omg?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: uh r u what a great frucking capratin
DiXieChiCk4Evr: captain.
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: call me now!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i command you
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :cracks whip:
DiXieChiCk4Evr: call in on them and see if she gets off
RAWRxDinosaurrx: what about your cell?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: tads on
DiXieChiCk4Evr: cell its on the charger dead as a doornail
RAWRxDinosaurrx: DAM>>>>>>
RAWRxDinosaurrx: !!!!!!*
DiXieChiCk4Evr: lol
DiXieChiCk4Evr: omg im a bout to pee in my pants

RAWRxDinosaurrx: hey
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i like teh way you move
DiXieChiCk4Evr: im trying to make a penis out of symbols you know like the ones u do...liek u were doing a flag and its SOO making me pEEEE
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ik i could tell by the way u watch my body u like the way it moves
DiXieChiCk4Evr: dude try to make a WANKER its so FUNNY
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i can make a good one
RAWRxDinosaurrx: wanna see?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: YES!

RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: stargzer06: pass the word along ... make sure you bring disco inferno flag for pics tomorrow
RAWRxDinosaurrx: jordan was told me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: heh heh ^_^
stargzer06: ok.. and blk socks for the pic too .
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: make up?
stargzer06: nothing hoochie-ish ... but dont have to be show makeup
RAWRxDinosaurrx: okies
RAWRxDinosaurrx: oh bte
RAWRxDinosaurrx: btw*
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ========D
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ha ha
RAWRxDinosaurrx: smiley face
DiXieChiCk4Evr: LOL!!!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: wiat
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i have a better one
RAWRxDinosaurrx: =======P
DiXieChiCk4Evr: it needs some nads
RAWRxDinosaurrx: circumsized...
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
DiXieChiCk4Evr: LOLOLOL!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: 8======D
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :snort:
RAWRxDinosaurrx: OH WAIT
RAWRxDinosaurrx: 8======D
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ha ha
DiXieChiCk4Evr: do u think i wear hoochie make up?

RAWRxDinosaurrx: HA HA
DiXieChiCk4Evr: answer me
RAWRxDinosaurrx: where?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: what are you doing?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: answer what?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: do u think my mke up is hoochie
RAWRxDinosaurrx: no i dont
RAWRxDinosaurrx: I take comfort in knowing that somewhere on this earth, there is someone who is looking for me, just like I'm looking for them.  It may be today, tomorrow, or a year from now, but somehow, we'll stumble into each other and we'll both be happy.
DiXieChiCk4Evr: IK i just read that lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :tear;
RAWRxDinosaurrx: bring your arm band
RAWRxDinosaurrx: ban*
DiXieChiCk4Evr: ok
DiXieChiCk4Evr: is tad going to be at pictures?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: is you mum off teh fone yeeet?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: yes he is
DiXieChiCk4Evr: NO they were for two seconds and then she called back
RAWRxDinosaurrx: WHAT?!!?!?!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: thats
DiXieChiCk4Evr: do u think i look hoocie sometimes?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: CRAZY
RAWRxDinosaurrx: NONSENSE!
RAWRxDinosaurrx: no i dont
DiXieChiCk4Evr: be honest
RAWRxDinosaurrx: why do yee ask?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i am
RAWRxDinosaurrx: you look so pretty
DiXieChiCk4Evr: then who the hell besides me and sara was he directing hoochie and leah and sara are the only ones that even wear make up..right?
DiXieChiCk4Evr: lol (u said 'yee' heehee it made me laugh)
RAWRxDinosaurrx: hye
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i plann on wearing make-up tom
DiXieChiCk4Evr: good girl! look marvelous
DiXieChiCk4Evr: hey answer my question
RAWRxDinosaurrx: WHAT?
RAWRxDinosaurrx: lol
RAWRxDinosaurrx: :-D
DiXieChiCk4Evr: who was he directing it towards
RAWRxDinosaurrx: i dont know
DiXieChiCk4Evr: thats WEIRD then
RAWRxDinosaurrx: he always says that
RAWRxDinosaurrx: call me now!

Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 5:18 AM
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Wednesday, 20 July 2005
Im leaking, broken into a million pieces, won't you fix me?
this really sucks.
why do i have to be the nice person?
why cant i just say no?
why cant i be mean?
but its not me.

None of this would have happened if I just didnt have a heart. If i didnt care. If I was cold. If I wasnt in love with him.


and this is disappointing. very. I thought that I was over it all, and that I was ok. But it seems like im not. gah! why does it have to be like this? I loved him [and still are], but HE was the one that pushed me away. I didnt. I'll never really know the truth. And I think that he could care less. And that sucks. One person changing your life, just welcoming themselves there, and then just dropping you just like blink of an eye. And not even care anymore, and just go on with life. And its not that simple, just to dust off your shoulders, and put bandaids on the nicks. ITS NOT THAT EASY!!!

Everytime I pass by him, I have to put on this little show that Im happy and better without him.. but its not working, its backfiring. Im not happy when hes around or not around. I mean. Im happy and cool and everything, but theres something inside that just kills me. Wont stop. its just there. A sinking feeling. thats always there.

Hes enjoying life, why cant I?!
I want him back. I need him back... <3.

Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 6:14 AM
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We're two lost souls; swimming in a fish bowl. <33
And if I could be who you wanted,
If I could be who you wanted...
All the time, all the time.

sunk inside a blanket,
sprawled across the bed,
and we were dreaming...

<3 dont stop, get it, get it.
were your captains in it, steady.
watch me navigate.

Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 5:56 AM
Updated: Wednesday, 20 July 2005 6:01 AM
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Tuesday, 19 July 2005
These boots are going to walk all over your ass

went to see the drum corp. it was fun, but didnt get to stay to see the preview show...

blha blha blha blha blha blha blha. its not 'blah' anymore. its blha. its easier to type. lol. DUH! everyone knew that! gah! idiot!
its pronouced "bla-ha" heh heh. oh...

dont stop get it get it
dont know the rest of the words

oh yeah. be-a-u-tiful!

I WANT TO HAVE COLORGUARD PRACTICE! IM DYING WITH NOTHING TO DO! And since, you know, I cant drive yet, I have no where to go. Thus, Im dying from the lack of socialbilties.

Just for yall to know, if you look at the times at the enteries, their wrong. lol. I dont know how to fix it so yeah..

lub lub lub lub
from the flub flub flub flub

Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 12:07 PM
Updated: Wednesday, 20 July 2005 6:26 AM
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Please write my folks, and throw away my keys.
blank ______;

The FEDEX man just screwed me over.
Damn him.

He took my salt and pepper shakers!!!!!! grr.

Im thinking about calling jessi and seeing if she wants to go to teh mall; shes going to have to provide the transportion/vechile[piece of crap]

Beverly hills. Thats were I want to be;

Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 6:23 AM
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Monday, 18 July 2005
High fives with knives; were hoping for a fast recovery
Niki FM


i cant see
and i cant hear you


Posted by stars5/note_xtoself at 11:58 AM
Updated: Tuesday, 19 July 2005 6:24 AM
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