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My Hobbies

I love to involve in sports and recreational activities. My most favourite sport is hockey. I love hockey very much. I started playing hockey in my secondary school. I played as the keeper(or also known as goalie). I played for my school team for 2 years. When I joined as one of IIUM citizens, I thought there is no chance for me to play hockey anymore. Alhamdulillah, I was chosen to join IIUM Hockey Team and I already represent my university twice for MASUM Games in 2004 and 2005. I really happy to be in this team. I learn a lot, not only about the skills but also the way we manage ourselves and problems. Why I really love hockey? It is because my boyfriend also playing hockey...hehehe..just kidding! For me, hockey is a very challenging game. It needs patience and a deep focus from a player. It also teaches us how to tolerate with others. We don't just simply beat others with our stick. I also proud to be a hockey player because from my observation, mostly the hockey players are intelligent. As an example, one of x-Malaysian player, Calvin Fernandez. He is a medical student. So, there is no doubt that people who are studying cannot be success also in sports.

MASUM 2004 IIUM Sisters' Hockey Team