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Kibbie's Space

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Well here I am, the creator of this site. Can you believe that this is my first html site?? But anyways i'm 19 going to school in Nebraska. I'm taken by a very sweet and caring guy. Yeah there's actually a few out there, Believe it or not. You must sign my guestbook or i'll block you.

Things are going very well after a few speedbumps i'm up and going again. Now i'm here, there and everywhere(aka busy). It takes a lot of work forming a new organization on campus, and i'm brave enough to do it LOL. But it is going well though hopefully we get approved this week.

I'm a fun girl and love family guy. Did you hear the new season starts in May!!! Can't wait even though the old ones are just as great. I also love scary movies did you notice how there is a lot coming out right now...2005 year of the scary movie. White Noise looks good but I haven't seen it yet, maybe when I get some money. :)

Oh well don't forget to vist my site and sign the guest book you can even leave messages for me in my blog or email me Hope you enjoy my site and don't forget to tell me what it needs and doesn't need.