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Katrina Williams Life Story

My name is Katrina A. Williams I'am 38 years old. I'm a mother of three boys and their age are 22,17,13.
My oldest son is in US. Army in Kileen TX. MY son is marriage and has four beautiful kids.
I've a busy schedule being a student, mother, grandmother and wife.
I thank God for my loving husband who's support dearly. When I approach my husband in 2003, I told him that I wanted to go back college to become a teacher. He didn't get upset or angry he just said go for it.
When I Finished High School in 1986, I always wanted to become a nurse . In 1998, I attended Orlando Voc. Tech so I become that nurse. However, after my compeletion I started my endeavor in the hospital setting for eight year.
One day on my way to work, I heard a voice from god and he told me that he was changing my profession.
I did not understand why he stated that the children need me in the public school system. On August 13, 2003, I decided to enrolled at Valencia Community College. My major is Elementary Education. I decided that God knows what best for me.
While attending Valencia Community College, I've had a lot obstacle that came my way trying to hindering me for reaching my goal. I thank God for enable me to stand and stay focus while attending College. I plan to be the best teacher I can be for the next generation.
I will continue to keep my spirit high no matter what comes my way. I'am planned to attend UCF after my completion at Valencia Community College.
While attending college, I'am a vounteer at Central Elementary helping thirds grader to enhance their reading. I 'am also a substitute teacher for Osceola County School system. I am also a substitute teacher for Nap Ford Community, Orlando. However, working as substitute is helping and preparing me what to expect inside the classroom.
Sometime you thank you are not capable of during a task, but you really are capable. I realized I am capable since I heard from God what my purpose is here on earth. I plan to make a difference in young peolpe lives. I believe that every young person is capable of learning no matter what his or her background. It will be very rewarding for me to reach one young person. This will enable me to continue on studying education.

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