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Its Raining Stars

Thanks for coming! I started this website to get my opinion out, but so far not much has come to mind. So just check out the links and send me an e-mail if one is inactive of if you think I should add something. I'm open to tons of suggestions.

Websites with Stars

Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
This site lets your friends tell you what they really think about you...
Full of awesome quotes.
Makes it easy to translate stuff into another language.
Has searchable pictures of just about anything.
Great studying for first time drivers, as well as those who need to
Cool site with fun games.
Can't get a song out of your head and don't know the lyrics? Search them here, great for finding songs you want to get to know better.
UT in Austin Store! What more can I say? GO LONGHORNS!
Cool DIY stuff and stuff to buy already made.
Features all sorts of stuff to make and even links to the places to buy materials!
Another DIY site that Rocks My Sox!
A site with pretty random stuff, but overall fun for one of those rainy days.
Some of my favorite tees came from this place.
Badass purses.
Cute site with all sorts of cute things to buy.
THE cutest retro stuff available!
Stuff that makes you love being a girl!
Lots of unique jewelry.
They can make labels for ANYTHING! And...if you ask really nicely...they'll put your face on some!
More cute stuff to buy!
I LOVE their guitar straps!!
Cute t-shirts that will, like they say, make you a local celebrity.