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Ice Kitty's site

Hello, my name is Ice Kitty. I am a teen titan. I'm new so you don't see me on T.V.,but, I am there!I made this site with tons of stuff about me! Below are info about my favorite 4 titans of the ones you know..and the ones you don't!
Starfire has a strange personality but is great to hang out with. Her cousin, Bluefire has a strange personality to match!
This guy is like starfire but is a boy and is more..uh, blue. Well, if you get what I mean.
Robin is the leader of the teen titans. He worries too much about me!...he's always breaking up fights between Beastboy and, where is that remote.......
Athleta girl
She powerful, but kinda secluded...still she has a nice side to her. The only thing really scary about her is that grey acid..OUCH!

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