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Ensberg Press
Ensberg, Everett taking nothing for granted
2/27/2004 1:40 AM
By: Associated Press

Kissimmee-(AP) -- Houston Astros infielders Morgan Ensberg and Adam Everett are going into the season penciled in as starters.

The last time that happened, both wound up in the minor leagues, then had to share time when they were called back to the Astros.

Ensberg -- the Astros' third baseman -- says "I don't look at it too much as a situation where you're comfortable."

Everett, the shortstop, echoes his buddy. He says "Obviously we're in a good situation here; we have a good opportunity. But you don't want to take anything for granted. You don't want to go out there and act like you're it, then the next thing you know, something changes."

Ensberg and Everett were the opening-day starters on the left side of the infield in 2002. But Ensberg hit .236 with three homers in 41 games before being demoted to AAA, and Everett was sent down after hitting .189 in 14 games.

Both were called up later in the season but entered 2003 in reduced roles. Ensberg was the right-handed bat in a platoon with Geoff Blum, while Everett started in AAA New Orleans.






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