The All Star Game

The All Star Game originated in the 2003 season when we decided to tally the number of goals each player on the game scores. So the person with the most amount of center goals gets their center player put on the board during the All Star Game, this includes all players except the goalie. The top three people from each conference with the fewest goals against get their goalie on the board for one period. The top three people from each Conference get to play one period and the top three goalies from each conference get to play the goalie at the same time the offense is played by someone else. In the first annual All Star Game, the Eastern conference beat the western conference, 8-5. It was a fun and exciting game which consisted of nine different people: Steve Cabral, Alex Fitzgerald, Joe Puopolo, Nick Fitzgerald, Steve Puopolo, Calvin Rollins, Jeff Puopolo, Bob Puopolo, and last but not least, Dustin Sweeney.