Hello, my name is Elodie and I'm the webmaster for this website. Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. Ok many times I had to lie about this but this but this is the real truth I'm actually 12 years old, I live in canada, I go to a private school, with the worst uniform ever. I love christmas and some of my best friends are Rebecca, Ali (she has the coooolest website..www.bonk3rs.org.) Brittany, Lea And KT. Life is perfect for me. Except that exams are coming up and that is the worst. Ps. I'm French and English!! My first language is FRENCH.

Anyways I started this website because my bff ALI..inspired me to do it. She encourages me and tought me. She has waaaaayyyy more experience then me. She is very cool.

Oh I wanted to say that I'm looking for a co-hoster. To co-own this webby with me. If you would like to....go to my contact page pick one of the emails on it and EMAIL ME.

That's all for now Soo loong
Muchos gratias