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Dancing Stars

"Two moons shining, stars above...yet bound to earth we are by love. Come what may...we hunt, we howl, we live free. But not for me...dancing upon the stars...that's where I'll be. My twinkling little star cousins sing their songs at night...and I gaze upon them with eyes wide and bright. To touch the stars is all I desire...and my soul burns with a passionate fire. Shine on, shine on, my little upon the moons. For I  shall be dancing among you soon. In our Palace Home we fly so high. We fly...and I touch the sky.


Welcome to The Stargazer's Rest, a little hideaway, from the rest of the world, where fans of Skywise can come and rest a spell. This page is in no way intended to infringe/ hinder/ or impose upon The Official Skywise Holt of The Gazers (The Grand Assembly of Zanny Wanna-be Elves Relishing Skywise), of which I am a member, and was built with the soul intention of being a simple tribute page to my absolute most favorite Elfquest character, Skywise.  As such, anything you see here that might have been borrowed from The Official Skywise Holt of The Gazers, I will give full credit to that person(s), in acknowledgement of their work.

A few of my favorite Skywise pictures, by Wendy Pini

About Skywise and his family

Lovemates, or Lifemate?

Cutter, Soul-Brother

My drawings of Skywise

Some Starry Poetry