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My Bad Boys in film

Their are only 4 main men in my life and this is one,Jean Claude Van Damme nick named Jc for short, L have been a fan of his for 10 years and this is MY husband and partner, anyone that knows me knows that Jc is my man and l love him to death and he along with my other 3 males are the only ones l am truly in love with. {steph rates 11/11}

I become a huge fan of Vin Diesal when l watched him in the film Fast and The furious and l kinda fell in love with him and l still do. {steph rates 10/11}

David Boreanaz better known as Angel, What can l say about this guy, tall,dark,sexy and whooooooo what a great body when he is naked lol
{steph rates 10/11}

George Clooney, he maybe old but good damme he is fit, l first become a fan of his when l watched him in er and l fell in love with his voice and looks mmmmmm {steph rates 10/11}

Well Mark, l mean come on girls what a body, l mean l am sure you would like to run thiose hands over it, l first become intrested in Mark when he was on stage at the smash hits awards rappeing to good vibrations, l mean hot body or hot {steph rates 11/11}for the body hehe

Ahh my Freddie Prince Jr, He is so sweet, l have seen all his films and l think he is such a sweety pie {steph rates 11/11}for his looks

My Bad Boys of Wrestling

Has l said earlyer their are only 4 males in my life and here is the second, Randy Orton, Ohh man l love this guy to bits and he is the best wrestler in my eyes, Randy is my kinda secreat lover but l will always be jcvd girl {steph rates 11/11}

I know alot of people think who are they true wrestling men but l must say l have thought and thought about it and its the american bad ass himself Undertaker, l must admitt l have a megga soft spot for the dead man, and l am just saying Undertaker l love the short hair. {steph rates 10/11}

Well like Angel he is kinda dark and mysterious and l would love to get to know him more wink wink, Jo got me into Batista and l wanna thank her cause he is so cool and very sexy. {steph rates 10/11}

Well Mr Monday night eat your hart out l mean in my eyes he is my everynight whay hey, He reminds me alot of my man jcvd thats why l like him alot
{steph rates 10/11}

Well l must say l do like Y2J Chris Jericho, l mean he is cocky, a ladies man and he can def do my highlight reel anytime lmao {steph rates 10/11}

Yo,yo,yo John Cena is in the house with his thugonomics, l mean he can rap, he can fight and he has stolen my hart {steph rates 11/11}cause he can rap

Well like Batista Jo got me into Sean O'Haire, l mean l just love watching him wrestling and l have my body crossed that he will win the belt on smackdown
{steph rates 10/11}

My Bad Boys in music

Now many people are into diffrent types of music well l am into rap and my main 3 guys are the three listed here.
First R-Kelly, l mean l have been a huge fan of his for 9 years and he he brilliant

Cleaning out my closet more like he can clean out under my bed lmao, no seriousley, eminem in my second best rap artist and l love his music

when it comes to Nelly, it comes to hot in here and believe me when l listern to nelly l do get hot under the collar lmao