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Hey all and welcome to Eye Of The Storm. This site is all about myself. My life, pics, thoughts and feelings all go into this site. So if you wanna check it out, make sure you respect everything that appears on here. You can also contact me via Email or Tagboard and if you would, please sign the guestbook. All of these are placed in the contact link below. Thankyou and please enjoy, Steph xXx


DO NOT! Take anything you are not allowed to on this site. Everything on this site, is copyright to The Devils Lair, and most of what is on here is my own personal property, so I would appreciate it if you respected that and did not take anything. Thankyou

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1. Lisa Marie Presley - Lights Out

2. Good Charlotte - Emotionless

3. Good Charkotte - Say Anything

4. Nirvana - Come As You Are

5. Trapt - Headstrong

6. CKY - Close Yet Far

7. Stain'd - Price To Pay

8. Stone Sour - Orchids

9. The Calling - Wherever You Will Go

10. Murderdolls - White Wedding