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Everything Neopian

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Welcome to Everything Neopian, the guild for everything that has to do with Neopets plus! We have an avatar item lending system, tips for games, contests, and great council members that are here to help you along your way. This guild is also PERFECT for Neopian newbies. We'll guide you along the way and teach you the fundamentals of Neopia.

I, artfulthinking, have created this website in simple form to keep your internet from overloading in HTML nonsense. Surf around the site without worry while you learn about Neopets and the guild itself. Enjoy and feel free to contact out council members for help and donate!



Obviously, the guild needs an HTML/CSS Wizard, which is the position of Neopian Wizard on the Guild Council. Applicants must show examples of their work and must stay at the guild for at least two months (after creation of layout, banners, etc). I myself am no HTML master, so it would be nice if someone could help me out.

I'd also like to know if anyone knows enough HTML and has enough avatar knowledge to make the guild our very own AVATAR GUIDE =D. Ooooo, kewl eh? I know how to get most of the avatars, so if you need any help just ask me. I also have handy linkies...! I will also pay for the avatar guide if I'm satisfied. Ooooo, neopoints!

Yay, A DONATION CONTEST!! Hehehe. Who ever donates the most before the deadline of 11-20-04 will get a rare prize and neopoints. That prize name is still yet to be decided, but I'll guarantee you it'll be nice =). Donations are very, very helpful and since I'm not very rich I can't provide the millions needed for prizes.

If you're not big on donating, just buy a RAFFLE TICKET when the contest arises. We're gonna need at least 10 members to hold a raffle... and the raffle will be alot of fun. So dontcha worry. That's all for now...


1. NO FOUL LANGUAGE OR FIGHTING. Of course we allow discussion of topics, but if things get out of hand we will direct you to another chat board or system. Punishment includes suspension and no participation of ANY guild contest for ONE week.

2. NO STEALING OF AVATAR ITEMS OR DONATED MONEY. These avatar items have been generously donated by our members so only RARE avatar items will be lended to Neopians with at least 30 avatars. Unrare items, such as dung items, carrots, etc. will be freely circulated between members. Do not touch donated money! The punishments for this above rule is expulsion from the guild and being reported to TNT.

3. NO SPAM. Come on. Do you really think that the "Post this in 10 different boards and you will get all of the paintbrushes in Faerieland"'s work? No, they don't. So don't bother spamming them here. At all. Punishment is suspension.

4. NO BEGGING. Please don't beg for free items or bribe anyone for a contest prize. It isn't going to help. Trust me. Punishment is a warning, and if warned too many times we will suspend you from the contests.

Guild Council artfulthinking- Founder of Everything Neopian and the awful layout maker xD who is always online and is an avatar collector!

oldtomjedi- Close friend of artfulthinking who knows limited html and is lazy and broke xD. OldTomJedi is really cool, and he's active but also quite rash so dont mess with him ;)

Donation Information

Feel free to donate to the Guild Shops for Contests, Raffles, or if you're just feeling generous. The guild deeply appreciates your donations and when you donate your name is placed on the shop front of the shop you donated to.