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When words fail..Action speaks..When Action fails..Eyes speak..

When Eyes fail..Tears speak..And when everything else fails..SILENCE speaks..

Smile is a Lightening System of Face.. , Cooling System of Head.. , and Heating System of Heart..                                                                                                                 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Do not cry if the Sun sets at the end of the day, because the tears will not let you enjoy the beauty of the Stars.                                                                                    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world.                                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friends give us security in knowing our secrets will be protected and will not be broadcast from the rooftops.                                                                                              -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friends give us the strength to stand up after we have been knocked to our knees. They offer a safe haven from the storms of life.                                               -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

nobody understands the reason why i met you in this lifetime journey. we're not sisters by blood but we know from the start God put us together to be sisters by heart!!!                                                                                                                                    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We met by God's grace, became friends by choice, grew in friendship by decision and will be friends for life by commitment!                                                    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dont have a' small town' outlook,enlarge your heart until it becomes'universal'  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In this world, u don't need many friends, just those who stay true & will sit by u thru thick & thin!                                                                                                                  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friendship is not how long u've been together, not how much u've given or received, not how many times u've helped each other, but it's how u "value" one another.                                                                                                                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friendship is a chain of gold, each link a smile, a laugh, a tear, a grip of hand, a word of cheer. But no matter how heavy the load, i'll be ur friend 'till the end.       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

One day, God saw me crying, then He asked why i'm lonely. I said, "i need a friend". Then He gave u to me. I asked God why u? & He said, " I thot u were asking for an angel!"                                                                                                           -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A true friend is not like the rain that pours and goes. It's more like the air..sometimes keeping quiet but it's always there, constantly hanging around.  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Value the people who have touched ur life 'coz u will never know just when they will walk out of ur life & never come back again.                                                           -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There's a gift of quiet blessing only friendship can impart, for a friend shares life with gentle hands, kind words and a caring heart.                                                        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If u think that i'll 4get u, well think again! i may not always be around to keep in touch but ur always on my mind, 4ever in my heart, marked in my soul.                -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I miss the way u say "talk to me" or the way u say "ei, musta?" the way u txt & say "ingat ka ha!" but the thing i miss most is when u say "ok lang yan, d2 naman ako eh!"                                                                                                                    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

U may hear nothing from me on how i appreciate u as a friend, but beyond that silence, ur friendship creates a byutiful sound in my heart.                                       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Even though i know u can handle ur life on ur own, that doesn't keep me from bein' concerned & wanting 2 be here 4u. so no matter what..hold on to this thot: "ilolweizbhir"                                                                                                                         -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I saw an old painting of 2 friends, i wonder how long it'll stay intact. It's old but yet never fading. I wish we were the painting, gettin' old yet never changin'.       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Like a pebble cast on water, making circles that reach out far beyond it's center, ur kindness can touch more lives than u will ever know.                                             -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Laughter, friendship, love, hope, can i thank u 4 dis gifts? i have absolutely no idea but i've got 4ever 2 figure it out.                                                    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The best things in life are not things. They are songs to sing, dreams to pursue, love to share & people who are true, exactly just like you.                                        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

One day we may 4get the people that once came to our lives. pero lam mo? When that day comes.. i won't forget u coz u ddnt cme 2 my life, u became a part of it.                                                                                                                                -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Havin' a friend so sweet, so caring, so true, so sincere is a treasure! so i can't just imagine how lucky u are havin' me! ow! i mean.. me havin' u!                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As i watched the ants crawl upon the wall, i noticed that no matter how busy they are, they'd still stop & communicate w/ 1 another.                                            -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Having someone to remember is pleasing enough to the heart. It doesn't matter if u remember me once in a while, what matters most is that we 're friends at all times.                                                                                                                                     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Crossin paths w/ u ws a coincdnce. i'll nver regret nor 4get coz u wer one of those wnderful people i drimd of having. i'm so thankful that once in my life's journey, i found a friend like u!                                                                                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

They say friends always need to hold hands, but not us. 'Coz even if we're not holding hands, we know that we always have each other to hold on to!                 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We exist temporarily thru what we take, but we live forever thru what we give. It's better to give than to receive. Gift ko sa Christmas ha!                                       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A good person is never lost. One who sows thoughtfulness reaps friendship. One who plants kindness, reaps love. Enjoy the fruits you've sown so well!                  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Damn those people who are hurting you. I'm raising hell to those who treat you bad. If they know the real you, i'm sure that everyone will care & miss you all the time..just like i do!                                                                                                        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friends are special treasures of the heart. They make u feel loved, needed & secured. It's often not said but felt..                                                                                -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friendship is the sweetest form of love. So when i say i'll be your friend 'till the end, its as good as sayin' i'll keep you in my heart 'till it's very last beat..             -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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