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What will you learn?


What is D&T?Why study D&T?Major Design ProjectPost school opportunitiesHSC Exam

Syllabus Objectives

Students will develop:

  1. Knowledge and understanding about design theory and design processes in a range of contexts
  2. Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the interrelationship of design, technology, society and the environment
  3. Creativity and an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurial activity in a range of contexts
  4. Skills in the application of design processes to design, prouce and evaluate quality design projects that satisfy identified needs and opportunities
  5. Skills in research, communication and management in design and production
  6. Knowledge and understanding anout current and emerging technologies in a variety of contexts.

Preliminary Course - Year 11

Designing and Producing
The study of:
• design theory and practice

• design processes
• factors affecting designing and producing
• design and production processes in domestic, community, industrial and
commercial settings
• technologies in industrial and commercial settings
• environmental and social issues
• creative approaches to design
• collaborative approaches to design
• project analysis
• marketing and market research
• techniques, materials, tools and other resources
• the realisation of ideas through the manipulation of techniques, materials tools and other resources
• safety
• evaluation
• project management
• factors affecting management
• communication
• research methods
• interpreting and presenting data
• ethics in research
• manufacturing and production
• computer-based technologies.

As part of this study, students will complete a minimum of two design projects.

HSC Course - Year 12

Innovation and Emerging Technologies

The study of:
• designs and design practice
• factors which may impact on successful
• entrepreneurial activity
• the impact of emerging technologies
• the impact on Australian society
• historical and cultural influences
• ethical and environmental issues
• creativity.

As part of this study, students will complete a
case study of an innovation which includes
reference to the above factors.

Designing and Producing

The study of:

• Project proposal and project management
_ identification and exploration of the need
_ areas of investigation
_ criteria to evaluate success
_ action, time and finance plans
_ selection and use of resources

• Project development and realisation
_ design theory and practice
_ creativity
_ research
_ development and evaluation of ideas
_ study of practices in industrial and commercial settings as they relate to the major design project
_ production techniques
_ communication
_ safe working practices

• Project evaluation
_ criteria for evaluation
_ analysis of evaluation
_ impact of the major design project on
the individual, society and the environment.

As part of this study, students will complete a
major design project.

Sourced from 'Course Structure' NSW Design and Technology Stage 6 Syllabus

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