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The examination in Design and Technology will consist of a written paper worth 40
marks and a Major Design Project worth 60 marks.

Written Paper (40 marks)
Time allowed: One hour and a half

Section I (10 marks)
• There will be TEN multiple-choice questions.
• All questions are compulsory.
• All questions are of equal value.
• Questions will be answered on the answer sheet provided.

Section II (15 marks)
• There will be ONE question made up of a number of short structured response
• The question is compulsory.
• The question will be answered in the space provided on the examination paper.

Section III (15 marks)
• There will be THREE structured extended response questions.
• All questions are of equal value.
• Students should attempt ONE question.
• The question is to be answered in a separate writing booklet.

Questions in the written examination will be based on Innovation and Emerging
Technologies and Designing and Producing
, and will provide opportunities for
students to make reference to the major design project and the case study.

Major Design Project (60 marks)

Each student must undertake, on an individual basis, a major design project for
submission for the Higher School Certificate examination. The major design project
includes the practical hands-on activity of carrying the project through to realisation
and the documentation, in a folio, of all the steps involved in this process.

The Major design project will include the submission of:
(i) a folio documenting the project proposal and project management, project
development and realisation, and project evaluation

(ii) a product or a system or an environment.

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