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The functions of the Council shall be:

  1. To direct all affairs of the Society.
  2. To formulate policies of the Society in accordance with its purposes.
  3. To represent the Society members in such matters as affecting their interests.


The Council shall consist of the following members:

  1. a Council Chairman
  2. a Chairman
  3. an Internal Vice-Chairman
  4. an External Vice-Chairman
  5. a General Secretary
  6. an Honorary Treasurer
  7. a Social Secretary
  8. an Academic Secretary
  9. a Students' Welfare Secretary
  10. a Publications Secretary
  11. a Cultural Secretary
  12. an Internal Sports Secretary
  13. an External Sports Secretary
  14. a Current Affairs Secretary
  15. a Marketing Secretary
  16. one class representative from each year of each undergraduate Engineering Degree Course
  17. a Past Ex-Co Representative
  18. Four representatives from the Rotor Editorial Board, Momentum Editorial Board, Faculty Affairs Committee and Engineering Affairs Committee which are collectively referred to as Standing Committee.


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