The World As I see It By Carine S.

Hi everyone

Yes the rumours are true we are comming back. Thankyou for all the e-mails during the past 3 months. They where the reason why we are comming back.

So where are we why arent we here?

1# for some reason after 10 000 hits the counter resets its self for us. I hate that lol thats not a big reason for leaving but its a small part of it.

Everytime I wanted to update the column I had 15 pages to go thought to add it. More then one occasion id write a column post it just to get a error message.

My friend says your at my space now really????

Yes and whats so funny is I didnt tell a soul alot of you found me that is so cool. I do realize alot of you dont have my space and dont plan on getting one. Thats ok all the columns (who in my space land are called blogs) will be posted for everyone to see you dont have to register with my space. You will thought if you would like to leave comments.

So where is this my space????????

Oh yeah....

Thankyou for 1 1/2 years of support. Its been amazing I cannot believe how much of a blast I have had. The world as I see it was amazing but popculuted with Carine S will be even better

God Bless

Carine S.