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Well here I am, Brayden Lucas Edell.

I took it fairly easy on my Mom.

My Mom was put into the delivery room at Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek, California around 11 p.m on December 11, 2004 and at 4.02 the next morning (December 12, 2004) I was born. Oma Kremer, Aunt Saskia, and Adam (my Dad) were there to assist nurse Melanie and midwife Kristy, while Opa Kremer and Grandpa Edell took a nap on the couches outside the delivery room.

My weight is 6 lbs 8.8 ounces ( about 6 Dutch pounds) and I measure 19 1/2 inches (which is about 49,5 cm in the Netherlands). I’m told that I look fine and I do look like my father.

Have a look at some of the early pictures. I’m still a bit tired, so I don’t look my best, but pretty soon you’ll find other pictures of me here.

It's a year later today (12/12/2005), and I'm doing well. During the year Opa put out some more pictures of me.

To see me pig out on my first birthday cake you should click on the link, which will open a 30 second long movie. It is a big file, so be patient a bit, but you will be rewarded. I'm sure that in a couple of years I'll be embarrassed by this movie, but man did that cake look and taste good!