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The Family
The Main horse person at the Stables, She controls all activities that happen in the stables, She is skilled in riding, Bringing small town horses to the BIG Times! Ashley knows her horses and where to get them from. All of her horses are smart, Willing, and calm in the show ring and at the Stable Yard. Ashley is 22 years old and competes in Hunter Jumping, Show Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing.
The Man of the Stables, He fixes everything! He helps a lot with the in hand Showing and the Pleasure events. Travis is 22 years old and Just got married to Ashley
Lee Ann
Lee Ann is adopted, she is 16 years old and Strives to compete in shows, She is all about her horse! She is careful about who she rides and where she rides, Her Grades in school are amazing, straight As in all classes.
Nicole is adopted as well as her sister Lee Ann, Nicole is 13 years old and Likes to Work with horses about their ground manners and Flat work. We hope she learns a great deal and turns out like Ashley