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Memories: The Return

Tammi DeSantos was once the leader of B-squad. She was the first female leader SPD ever appointed. She strove to be exactly like the mother she hardly knew, and it led to her capture. For nearly six years she has been held captive by Gruumm, and now she has suddenly and mysteriously escaped. Can the new B-squad learn to trust her? Can she learn to trust them?

B-squad cadets Carson, Tate, Drew, Delgado, and Landors were being briefed on a new criminal when Crugar first received the news.

Kat Manx who before this had been inexplicably unavailable stormed through the Command Center doors with her assistant Boom not far behind.

“Commander! You might want to take a look at this!” Kat called to him urgently from the doors. He quickly followed her out of the room.

A few seconds later they saw Commander Crugar fly past the doors and run down the hallway.

The cadets glanced at each other and then hurriedly chased after their leader.

“When was the message received?” He demanded of Doctor Kat Manx

“Just moments ago, sir” She responded promptly. “She should be landing, any time now.”

“Assemble all squadrons and instructors for her welcome. Do we now how she escaped?” Crouger inquired.

“No sir, I didn’t think to ask. She looked so weak.”

“Understandable, Ms. Manx. You’re dismissed.”

“Thank you sir.”

Crugar stopped to face his rangers.

“Cadets, I expect you to treat this welcome as one of a high ranking academy official, understood?”

“Yes sir!” They responded mechanically though they did not understand what he was talking about.

As they entered the landing bay and took their stances to welcome their unexpected guest, an orange and grey regulation S.P.D. jet pulled slowly into the bay.

The room was silent as they watched the figure step out of the jet. Once she was in view a collective gasp of recognition escaped the mouths of the instructors that had been assembled in the room.

Sky and Bridge’s eyes widened as they too recognized the figure currently walking toward the Commander.

She made her way to the Commander and his five rangers slightly limping as she did so. Two instructors reached out to steady her but she waved them off. Instead she stood confidently and proudly in front of The Commander and Ms. Manx.

“Cadet DeSantos returning from duty, Sir!” She announced with an S.P.D. salute. She winced in pain once she was finished, and almost fell over but the Commander quickly caught her.

“Welcome home, Cadet.” He responded softly.

“Cadet Carson, Cadet Tate! Escort her to the infirmary immediately.” Crugar instructed the blue and green rangers.

The Return:

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